Steve Kidnaps Tony

Steve Kidnaps Tony

Hey do you have any fic recommendations where Steve kidnaps tony? You’re doing the lords work, it’s ok if you don’t know of any!

You should check out the Hydra Cap recs, since that obviously deals with Steve kidnapping Tony (in some form, anyway), and the Stockholm Syndrome recs, but here are a few other suggestions!


never let you go by @laireshi:
“I need you, Tony.”

blindfold by eustassya:
Sometimes the people you think are above this aren’t. At all.

Wish Fulfillment by @sineala:
When Steve hears that Tony is alive again, he does what any Supreme
Hydra would do: he captures Tony. Unfortunately for him, it’s not the
right Tony.

I’m so goddamn sick baby, it’s a sin by MystikSpiral:
He may look like Steve, he sounds like Steve but it isn’t Steve—it can’t
possibly be his Steve. He feels nauseous again, but he’s afraid of
showing any vulnerability that could allude to him being weak (despite
being chained up and possibly playing at the hands of some grander
scheme). He could possibly negotiate; maybe this Steve is a clone, but

The Corrupt and the Pure by Del_Rion (WiP):
When the Steve Rogers from an alternate universe appears in the middle
of the Avengers Tower, two worlds are about to collide: one where
Captain America became the tool of HYDRA and fell into a relationship
with the hero Iron Man – and one where Tony and Steve are tentatively
getting along. The latter are forced to reconsider their relationship
when the Commander kidnaps Tony to replace his dead lover.

Solitude of Us by @ironlawyer:
At the end of Civil War, Steve and the resistance take Tony captive. Steve and Tony have some talking to do.

it’s been a long year (since we last spoke) by theappleppielifestyle:
Steve gets sent the link to a video of Tony kissing a Skrull that looks like Steve.

Devil in the Deep by @captainneverever:
The locals tell tales of a monstrous creature living in the Devil’s
Atolls. Tony Stark ignores the warnings and sets sail into unknown

Supervillain Dating Tips (series) by forgetmenotjimmy:
Steve had just needed a temporary hostage to escape from the cops but
there was something about the man he’d taken that made him want to keep
hold of him just a little longer.

A Higher Form of War by sabrecmc: Tony is a King with a surprising number of people out to kill him.
Steve and the rest of the Avengers are fighting for Pierce’s rebellion
and end up with Tony as their prisoner.  Oops.Basically one of those bodice-ripping romance novels I don’t read (ahem) but with far more gay.

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