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Dom!Pre-Serum!Steve and sub!Tony

Hi! Do you have any fics where it’s sub tony and dom skinny Steve? Thank you so much! Only a few, but here you go! COMMENTS OF ANY SIZE ARE GREAT! Tiny Dom Steve (series) by RoseRose: Tiny Dom Steve with his sub and boyfriend Tony Yes, Sir by mortenavida: Tony Stark’s biggest secret is

Pre-/De-Serumed Steve 2

Hi! I was wondering if you had anymore insecure pre/de-serumed Steve with Tony trying to prove him wrong fic recs? The first de-serumed recs are here, and you might also like pre-serum or skinny Top Steve, if that’s your thing and Tony Loves Skinny Steve.  Here are some more for you, though I think the

Top Pre-Serum!Steve

Hello! Do you know of any other top pre-serum!Steve fics? I do have a few suggestions for you.  Enjoy! Pre-Serumed Top Steve: Love Showed Up at My Door by @tonystarkssnipples: Tonight, Steve was going to fuck Tony with no barrier between them. They’d gone to the doctor together, nervous excitement surging between them. Yesterday the

Tony Loved Pre-Serum Steve

Hiya! THank you so much for your rec posts! I was wailing at how hard it was to find good fics, and then your tumblr was like a gift from heaven! My ask: I’ve noticed you have a pre-serum Steve tag, but it’s usually about how Steve reverts and Tony loves him anyway. I’d love

Steve without Serum

Hi! I love your work! Currently addicted to The Prize!!!!!!! I was wondering if you have any fic recs where Steve’s serum is removed and Tony has to reassure him he loves him? I desperately need some fluffy angst Hmmm…let’s see…these aren’t all exactly what you’re describing, but I think they are close and definitely