Secret Relationship 2

Secret Relationship 2

Just found your blog, it is amazing! Do you know any recs where the team are surprised by Steve and Tony’s relationship, and maybe it causes problems in the field (them being distracted etc). I’ve read loads where they all knew before Steve and Tony told them but none where they had no idea. Thanks

Like you said, there aren’t a ton of these, but here are a few suggestions. Check the Secret Relationship Recs, but here are some more:


The Zarrow Shuffle by @gottalovev:
When they notice that Steve seems to have a mysterious – and possibly
bad for him – girlfriend, Nat and Clint investigate. Steve just wishes
they’d stop prying into his personal life, especially since he is trying to keep a secret.

The Changing Lights by steveplustony:After the power goes out in Manhattan, the only
building still up and running is Avengers Tower. The Avengers catch on
and decide to crash with Tony for the night.But why is Steve already there? And is that a hickey on his neck?

Tony Versus the HVAC by @captainneverever:
Tony has to fix the broken air-conditioning in Avengers Tower and
wonders when he and Steve should tell the team that they are dating.

Stronger Together by @captainneverever:
Steve has to fight on new battlegrounds to save Tony when Tony is
terribly injured in a fight and it’s revealed that they’re secretly

Next of Kin by ficlicious:“I’m sorry, Captain,” she says firmly. “I can only give
out that information to family members or next of kin.” Her eyes soften
a little. “Not even Captain America is exempt from that, I’m afraid.”Steve doesn’t even hesitate. “We’re married,” he says.

Good Morning, America by miss_whimsy:
Steve is a much better actor than anyone gives him credit for.

Day 23: Nothing for Christmas by VampireVengence:
All Tony wants for christmas is for Steve to be okay.

Between You and Me by Endellion:
Steve and Tony are keeping their relationship secret, but Steve isn’t happy about it.

Guess Who by snarkstack:
The Avengers try to figure out who Tony’s new squeeze is. Five times the team guessed wrong and one time they guessed right.

Shirt by @navaanwrites: He still has my fucking shirt, Steve thinks bitterly. You better still have it, Stark.

the world doesn’t end because I love you (series) by @navaanwrites​:
After Tony comes back from Mandarin City Steve had too much time to
think about him and things between them. And it’s time for things
between them to change.

I’ll Be There When You Want Me by SylvanWitch (part of a series):
Having a secret relationship when some of your friends and co-workers
are trained spies is a mission for which Steve Rogers never trained.

Every Chance We’ll Have by magicsen: A mission gone south leaves a city block decimated and
Iron Man hospitalized, but what makes top headlines is the fact that
Captain America has a secret lover.To the man himself, it’s a
living nightmare. His husband is in a coma, his entire world is falling
apart around him, and Steve has to to confront realities he never wanted

Nothing Better by @serinah:
Tony and Steve have a relationship. It’s secret and mostly features
phenomenal sex but it’s tons better than no relationship, so Tony will
take it. If only Steve let up with the compliments, Tony *knows* Steve
doesn’t mean them like that.Well, at least the sex is good. Or it will be, if Steve will maybe let him come any time soon…

Bros that Can Kiss by Heartithateyou:
Steve and Tony have a secret friends with benefit relationship, so what happens when Clint accidentally finds out?