Honeymoon & Vacation

Honeymoon & Vacation

Love your fic rec blog! Really inspires me to write some fics myself. Do you have any honeymoon fics or ones where Steve and Tony go on trips/vacation together?

There are some  Holiday and Vacation Romance fics, so check those out.  For some honeymoon and trip together fics, here are some suggestions:



Honeymoon Hell by @kagekanecavi:
After the wedding it takes Steve and Tony a while to get around to going
on their honeymoon. When they arrive at their first destination they
find out that their luggage is literally on the other side of the
country. Things only get worse from there.

Hero Worship by @wordsplat:
It’s the morning of their honeymoon, and the absolute last thing either
of them were expecting was Loki’s wedding gift. Steve is turned small,
Tony is turned truthful, and everything is fluff and smut and rainbows.

i’m pickin up good vibrations by Pericardiaca:
Steve and Tony are at the beach and there’s a little rock cave that’s perfect for some sexy times. Or is it?

Butterfly Dreams by Teyke: In one world, Tony and Steve are newlyweds, trying to
make the most of their honeymoon. Too bad about the incredibly
inconvenient timing of earthquakes, volcanoes, and supervillains…In
another, Steve’s just gotten Bucky back, and the Accords have been
struck down. But the fractures the Accords caused haven’t healed, and
Tony has vanished from the face of the earth.The problem? It’s
the same Steve. When he falls asleep in one life, he wakes in the other.
Unless he can figure out which life is real, both are at risk. (the honeymoon is kind of incidental, but it’s a cool fic)

Say You Want It by @stark-spangled-lovers: Steve and Tony finally go on their honeymoon.*** Part of the Say When verse. Can be read as a stand-alone ***

No Bounds by SushiOwl:
Tony and Steve have their honeymoon in an interesting location.

Christmas Holiday by @scifigrl47:
It’s a Christmas wedding, and a Christmas honeymoon.  Even if it’s a little more complicated than that.

Honeymoon by Randigzebra:
Steve and Tony had been enoying their honeymoon and decides to enjoy it even more.

I Promise, Okay? by Queen_Triceratops:
Steve and Tony’s honeymoon is off to a good start.

Coda: An end, and a beginning by @shetlandowl:
A honeymoon, interrupted.

This is Not a Drill: Honeymoon Edition by sabrecmc: Steve’s going into Heat, so they head for the island.  Tony handles this just as well as you would expect.If you don’t read the first one, this will make even less sense.  Which is saying something.


Vacation Planning by AnonEhouse: Steve and Tony discuss their vacation plans. It’s not easy when you’re an Avenger.(Takes
place in a movieverse where the Avengers took Tony up on his offer of
Tower space and Pepper and Tony were never an item. Basically ignores
everything after the first Avengers movie.)

Don’t Face These Nights Alone by @navaanwrites:
Steve thinks he’s developing a crush, but he’s not yet ready to even
consider any more than that, because he and Tony are such good friends
now and he wants to cherish that friendship. A little vacation trip
teaches him more about Tony – and perhaps that goes both ways.

leaving everything behind (but you) by @musicalluna: For their anniversary, Tony tells Steve to name his fantasy.Steve never fails to surprise (or delight) him.

A Cabin in the Woods by nightwalker:
It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation, a chance for them to spend
some time as a couple and work out some of the kinks in their
relationship. That was before everything got weird.

Beach is Better by sadtomato:
Steve and Tony rent a fantastic vacation house on a beautiful beach, but they never make it out of the bedroom.

Fall Leaves by madimonkey14:
Tony invites the team to stay in a cabin with him for a quick autumn vacation, and Steve is the only one able to make it.

Holiday Love Story and Other Disasters by @captainneverever:
Despite the fact that his identity as Iron Man is a closely held secret,
Tony invites Steve to accompany him as his bodyguard on a holiday
business trip to Vienna. He really should have checked the hotel website

Mandatory Fun by @captainneverever:
Steve loses a bet to Tony and has to go to Las Vegas for a fun-filled
vacation. Or it was fun until people started thinking that they were

Begin to Breathe by often_adamanta:
It’s not until the glowing New York skyline is disappearing in the rearview mirror that all those pressures fade away.

Vacation Benefits by Nix (CrimsonQuills):
PWP. Vacation sex.

For Best Effect, Apply Liberally and Thoroughly by Nix:
A day at the beach.

Island Lover by BeamsnBows:
“Tony Stark deserved a medal, a nice big gold shiny medal. Not only did
he convince Steve Rogers to come with him on vacation but he also
managed to get him to strip down and skinny dip with him. Oh yeah, a
gold medal and maybe some rewarding sex.”

The Avengers Vacation Rotation by @arukou-arukou:
Everyone in the Avengers is entitled to regular vacation time. Except
for Steve, who seems never to do anything but work, work, work. Well,
Nat’s not having any more of that.

Vacation by @ashes0909, @festiveferret:
“We’re going to celebrate your birthday with sun and sand and exploring this incredible body of yours in any way I want.”

Mountains, window, sleep by Kelady: 3 Word Prompt Mountains, Window, Sleep “Uh, actually me and Tony are bunking together.” Steve speaks up“Why?”
Clint asks looking at him. “Nat and bruce are in a relationship so they
should be together. You two don’t even like each other.” Tony can’t
even help the snort that comes out, and then tries to cover it with a
cough and then he clears his throat. They give him a look while Tony
looks to SteveorThe avengers go on vacation and some secrets come to light.

Toasted Buns by @scifigrl47, @copperbadge:
After seeing Tony naked and tanned – all over – in a decontamination
shower, Steve realizes he may be in trouble. Tony, meanwhile, is definitely in trouble over those tabloid pictures of him sunbathing nude. The solution is clearly a tropical island getaway.

Indivisible: Even at Splash Mountain by @everybodyilovedies:
After being back from Dimension Z for about a year, and Ian fitting in
nicely over at the Future Foundation, Steve has Tony come to him one day
with the suggestion of a definitely-not-“family” vacation. After some
arguing, Steve is overruled by Ian and Tony, and finds himself going to
Disney World.

Can’t start a fire without a spark by @gottalovev:
The Avengers might be reunited, but they are holding together with a
Band-Aid and a severe case of Tony pretending nothing happened. The
superficial truce is shattered the day Steve takes control of Tony’s
suit and forces him to go to medical in a tense situation. When Tony is
ordered to take a vacation, Steve volunteers to go with him.

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