Body Hair

Body Hair

Aloha, do you have any recs where Steve or Tony have body hair, not facial hair tho,

Only a couple that I know of, but they are great!


Sheriff’s Watch by @everybodyilovedies:
Steve and Tony enjoy each other company in Tony’s home of technological
marvels. But there’s something out there, and Steve’s beginning to take

Blacksmith’s Hands by @everybodyilovedies:
Based in Marvel’s 1872 Western Universe,
where Tony is a blacksmith and Steve is the town Sheriff. Blacksmith
Tony hears Sheriff Steve’s birth date is coming up, and decides to give
him the present he deserves.

It All Started With Too Tight Pants by @serinah: “You mean… Shave down there…?” he whispered, barely getting the words out.OR:Steve has a problem, Tony can help.

You might also like sort of the opposite?

The Shaving Habits of the Wild Steve Rogers by fivethingsunmixed:
Tony is most put out when he finds out that Steve doesn’t have to shave. But is there more to his assertion than there seems…?

Anyone have more recs?

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