Roommate & Neighbor AUs

Roommate & Neighbor AUs

Roommate AU?

Sadly, there aren’t too many of these, but here you go!


Dripping by Cassiel:
Tony takes a little time to himself in the shower and can’t stop
thinking about a certain blonde. Little does he know, that certain
blonde is watching. Steve/Tony. Top!Steve. Roommate AU. Oneshot.

Welcome to AU: Avengers University by Heartithateyou:
Tony Stark doesn’t like to share. So he’s less than pleased to find a new roommate waiting in his dorm room. But at least he’s hot.

Two Broke Guy$ by Tacuma: Two Broke Girls Crossover, but you can understand and enjoy this even if you haven’t seen the show!Steve
is a poor man, who lives in Brooklyn. He has three jobs to pay his rent
and save money for his big dream. Tony Stark used to be a billionaire,
but when his father was locked up for fraud they lost all their money.
Now he has to take care of himself and ends up working in a lousy diner
in Brooklyn. He and Steve become enemies, colleagues, roommates, friends
and eventually more than that. At first Tony is missing his life and
his money, but Steve and his friends show that poor life isn’t boring at

When It’s Late at Night and You’re Fast Asleep by PriyaxRishabh:
Steve and Tony are roommates. Tony has a tendency to jack off while Steve’s asleep. Steve’s a light sleeper.

Roommates by Halfling:
Alternate universe where Steve Rogers and Tony Stark share an apartment. And a couch.

Falling for Nobody Else But You by baconneggs: Snapshots of Steve and Tony’s life as art school roommates. Only good things can come from this. A small Christmas gift for my wifey that turned into a sprawling epic and a week late. Oops.

Study Cuddles by fichuntie:
Tony comes home to his shared apartment with Steve as they both attend college.

A Good Kind of Different by poetsandzombies:
Steve and Tony are roommates. Tony comes home drunk for the first time since they met.

Steve Doesn’t Care (Okay, He’s Lying, but So What?) by sex_drugs_moriarty: The first time Steve Rogers meets Tony Stark, he is firmly not
impressed.He’s egotistical, arrogant and pretty much everything that
Steve hates. He also makes Steve a little weak in the knees, but that’s
neither here nor there.Of course Tony’s his roommate.

that was flirting? by captainskellington:
“Tony?” he said, riddled with disbelief and vaguely aware that somewhere
in the distance there was a mischievous God of fate flipping him off
and going ‘nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh’.

I can’t stop this feeling by S_Hylor: Steve likes Tony, they’re good friends, even if they had fought over the whole Civil War thing. Steve likes Tony just fine, he’d even go as far as saying that Tony
is his best friend at Avengers Academy, not just his roommate. Tony’s
great, he’s smart, he’s funny, he makes sure Steve doesn’t get too lost
in the 21st Century. He’s gay. But Steve knew that, and he was okay with that. At least he thought he was, but then Tony starts getting boyfriends
and Steve starts feeling sick at the sight of Tony with them. Steve really didn’t mean to suddenly develop homophobia.

You might also like some Neighbors AUs:

Only when you’re around by Tacuma:
Tony blew up his penthouse and has to find himself another place to live
until the tower is repaired. His new neighborhood is boring and the
house is tiny, but his neighbor is nice, and the neighbors friend is
even better.

The Potential of You and Me by SoldierToTheEnd:
Where Steve’s new neighbor is an asshole who likes to play rock music full blast at two in the morning.

Love in the Dark by mombasas: The guy who lives in the apartment next to Steve’s is a
nocturnal sex addict with a complete lack of volume control, and
Steve’s not going to take that lying down. Or, well. (Neighbors-with-a-shared-bedroom-wall
AU in which Steve and Tony get into a not-so-passive passive-aggressive
sex war, despite never having actually met.)

Apartment 6E by thatpocketlint: Anonymous Prompt on Tumblr: if you’re taking prmopts
for stony may i suggest a “you live across the hall and hide in my
apartment when you want to avoid your one night stands” au ??:)Steve
Rogers never expected to be okay with the fact that someone had just
broken into his apartment, but then he read the note left by his
neighbor and all the rage he ought to have melted away. And when he
finally met the man who kept breaking in to escape one night stands?Well, Steve was pretty much done for.

The Coffee Contract by @atsadi:
“Spider,” Tony repeats, remembering vaguely what the guy had started
babbling about as soon as Tony had opened the door. At the time he’d
been occupied with blinking blearily at what he could only assume was a
vivid, exhaustion-provoked hallucination of an Actual Angel descended
before him. “In your bathtub.”

Young and Beautiful (series) by @tonystarkssnipples:
Tony moves into the apartment directly across the street from Steve.
Their windows face each other and there’s a small piece of roof jutting
out between them, connecting in the middle. As the summer goes on, they
find themselves crawling out their windows to spend more and more time

Late At Night by @kurowrites:
Steve can’t sleep because the person living in the apartment over him makes a racket every single night.

I Walked Alone. Until We Met by pamelaroseee:
The one where Steve is house sitting for Sam and Tony doesn’t like all the noise he makes, but there’s a reason for that.

On Good Terms by LadyDrace:
Mithrel prompted: “Steve/Tony: #16: Brand new neighbors.” for the 50 AUs meme.

The Guy Across the Way by stony1998:
Marvel AU where Tony and Steve live in the same apartment building.
Steve sees Tony changing one day… then again… then again.

The Crazy Cat Lady AU by shrill_fangirl_screaming:
Tony Stark is the proud owner of thirteen cats. Steve Rogers lives next
door. One morning, they have a conversation on their front stoops.

Apartment Life by HapticFeedback:
Prompt: “i want an au where steve and tony live in apartments next to
each other and steve is a struggling artist/grad student and tony is the
21-year-old genius with a doctorate already under his belt who’s just
been disowned by his father and is now trying to figure out how to live a
normal life on his own”

Apartment 5A by toraten:
An AU in which Steve Rogers edits comic books and Tony Stark is Tony Stark.

Come on In by @starspangledsprocket:
The last thing Tony expected when he moved into his new apartment was to
repeatedly catch his neighbour in various stages of undress, and yet
here he was.

Asshole to Jail-bait Real Quick by Love_U:
Bucky only wanted his fast internet speed back; he didn’t intend to find Steve’s future boyfriend.

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