Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War

I finally got to see Infinity War yesterday, and it was… painful. I know that these fics are kinda scattered to the wind because it’s so recent but do you have any Post-Infinity War pt. 1? Like Steve on Wakanda thinking Tony’s dead, and Tony making his way back to him? Or anything like that really 🙂

Ahhh, Infinity War.  Okay, I think it has been long enough to do a rec list, though I’m sure we’ll get more and more fix-its going forward.  In the meantime, here are some to check out. These range from fix-its, not-fix-its to future fic, angst to fluff, missing scenes and everything in between, but I wanted a nice, comprehensive list, so pick your poison.


Below the cut for length

the dust that settles by Marvellous:
Somehow Tony gets back to Earth, where somehow, by some miracle, Steve is still alive.

this will destroy you by @silkspectred:
The screen flashes in front of his eyes. It takes him entire seconds to realize that it’s an incoming call.

Hope by amaryllis:
Steve thought he would never see Tony again, until he sees him climbing
out of that spaceship. He decides to let go of all pretences and excuses
– he has missed Tony too much.

Hold Me (I’m Breaking Apart) by @stark-spangled-lovers:
“In times of sorrow and struggle, all you can do is hold onto each other.”

Can You Carry It (With No Regrets) by RayShipouUchiha: “I know,” Tony tells him softly, eyes wide and soft and lips quirked in a small smile, “it isn’t fair.”Tony’s always been so good at knowing what Steve’s thinking, except for the few times Steve purposefully, actively, lied to him.Times he knows now he’ll never get the chance to make up for.“Focus,” Tony whispers as he leans forward into Steve’s space.  “Breathe.”

Rewriting the Universe by @itsallavengers: Thanos won. There’s ash in the air. Earth is burning and there’s no hope, no salvation, no nothing.Of course, that’s before Steve realizes Tony Stark is still alive and kicking.

Hold On To The Memories (series) by starksrhodey:
They were used to always being in each other’s corners. It’s who they were. It’s what made them Steve and Tony.

Just Like That by @thegraytigress:
After the battle with Thanos, Tony goes home to find Steve.

The Great Silence of Loss by @nostalgicatsea:
There was no reason to keep the phone, not when Tony didn’t have his,
not when Tony was gone and all keeping it would do was hurt him, but
Steve held onto it anyway.

We Avenge by covalentbonds:
After all of it happens, they come together, broken as they are to do what they couldn’t do apart.

destiny still arrives (together) by Iron_George:
It happens like this: there is a boy in his arms, shaking apart at the
seams, begging to stay━I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna
go━and it’s all he can do to cling back just as hard.

Aftermath by jenjen92;
This wasn’t the right time for repairing broken relationships, but they
needed each other more than anything for their small piece of comfort.

Bent by Dowwwney (Wynt):
Still, Steve waits. Watches him with those blue, blue eyes that
look sadder than he’s ever seen them. Waits until Tony is done yelling,
and then waits some more just in case, before speaking.

“We need to figure this out.” Steve says, voice still so even, still so sure, and Tony can’t take it.

after the end of the world by writedeku:
After the end of the world, Tony Stark sits alone on a foreign planet. There is silence.

drifting by midnightsnacks:
But as the spacecraft doors opened, even from a distance, they
recognized that mess of hair. Those distinct features they had grown
familiar to. It was him. He was still alive.

Titan’s Allies by LJadeK:
No one expected any survivors from Titan, so when the Guardian’s ship
arrives in Wakanda, they are shocked to see Nebula, but she’s not alone.
Before she reveals her passenger, though, she’s going to make sure
these humans are going to be good to her new friend/ally.

Haunted by carolinka: It takes Steve longer than it should to say “I’m glad you’re here.”Tony just keeps staring at him.

Picking Up the Pieces by @emeraldine087:
Tony finds his way back to Earth after their failed incursion in Titan
to find out that he’s lost so much more than he thought. He falls into
depression, but Steve is there to, maybe, make Tony realize a few

Every Step of the Way by GotTheSilver:
Pressing his lips together, Tony closes his eyes, wanting to block
out the entire room, the country, hell, the fucking world if he can.
None of this makes sense, and he wishes he could stop his brain from
trying to process it because processing it means making some kind of
peace with what’s happened and that—Tony doesn’t want that.  Can’t have

There’s nothing that can make what happened any better.  For anyone.

Hating You is All I Remember by SilverinStars: He pulls Tony’s head forward, he doesn’t use his strength and there is no resistance.Tony offers to fix Steve’s suit when he returns.

Beat Once My Heart, and then Lie Still by SilverinStars:
Nebula was hovering around Tony again, Steve watched them from the edge
of the invisible hemisphere the two had carved around themselves.

It All Comes Back To Us by Shi_Toyu:
Steve sees Tony again after the events of Infinity War.

return unto the ground by kireal: Two days after, they finally pick up a signal from Tony. (Steve and Tony, in the aftermath.)

Lost and Found by iwtv: He wants to lose himself to this, to them, to have Steve take
him over until he can hardly see straight or feel the pain and
loneliness that only the captain seems able to vanquish from his heart.A moment in time when Tony and Steve finally reunite after the events of IW.

ashes to ashes, [star]dust to dust by theladymrgana: Steve sits there, staring at him. They haven’t seen
each other or spoken in over two years. Tony wants to feel like he’s
looking at a stranger, but he knows him, remembers the set of his jaw
and the color of his eyes. Even after all this time, he still remembers.Or,After Infinity War, Tony Stark waits.

Harvest by Ridley160: The war with Thanos is over and Earth has been returned to it’s
previous state. In the early morning Tony reflects on how he and Steve
have been brought here to this moment living on farm away from the city
and responsibilities of a super hero. Neither one was prepared for the
love that would blossom between them and how they couldn’t let go
despite previous commitments and promises that had been made to others. After all, everyone deserves a happy ending.

End Game by Ridley160:
Tony returns to Earth after his failure to stop Thanos and his master
plan. While he has him near Steve decides to take the initiative and
attempt to reconcile with Tony over their falling out. They both are
hurting, and struggling to cope with the gravity of the situation, this
war is like no other.

Recognize Fate (A Dramedy of Manners) by @the-vorkosigan: During the horror that was the Infinity War, Tony has
somehow managed to fall in love with Steve. No, really, his timing’s
always been stellar, in all things. He would like to pursue his
feelings, he would; only, this doesn’t mesh so well with his other resolution: Steve must never ever know.It’s been a year since the victory, and the time has come to celebrate. Everyone is about to meet again at a big gala.

End is Just a New Beginning by @izazov:
It has been a year since Thanos’ defeat.

(Un)stuck by @navaanwrites:
He finds himself in different places, living different lives. And yet it all comes back to Steve.

(Kind of post-IW with lots of reality bending)

Chance at love by @navaanwrites:
Tony is dead. And Steve has to go on now in that knowledge, protecting Vision and the Infinity Stone.

(missing scene)

we all fall down by nasa: “He’s dead,” Tony says.He is covered in grime and blood.
There’s an open cut on his temple. His suit is jagged and melted around
him, like half of it, too, was snapped out of existence.“Everyone is dead,” Steve says.

Only Fools by galacicstylinson: Steve and Tony finally meet in the fall out of Infinity War.(Or, the Stony reunion we were totally robbed of.)

Catastrophe, Consequences, Clash by @laireshi: It was anything but a surprise then, when, finally, Steve took Tony’s
face into his hands and kissed him like he’d never kissed him before;
no more secrets between them in this new universe which survived the
apocalypse.“I think, even after everything,” Steve whispered against Tony’s
lips, “I know you, Tony Stark.” He stepped away. “If you think you can
see a way, you’ll find it. You’ll save them. You’ll save us.”

Together by TheDandelionFromHell:
Tony knows that if they’re together, they can fight back.

When It’s Gone by writteninstony: After the battle in Wakanda, Steve tries to contact his family. “I don’t know where you are or why you’re not picking up, but I can’t
get ahold of you and I’m worried. Call me as soon as possible. I love
you. Be safe.”

After by anythingpastorpresent:
Tony wakes up in a recovery room in Wakanda, with Steve Rogers holding his hand.

This is How They Win by janonny:
In the aftermath of Thanos’ actions, Tony is convinced that this isn’t
the end of the fight. Not yet. Doctor Strange had told him the only way
to win the war, and Tony is going to follow through. No matter what.

(mind the tags)

Beneath His Fingernails by janonny:
Everything… everything reminded him of what happened.

somewhere in a half-dream by @goodmorningbeloved:
“You didn’t get me a welcome home present,” Tony murmurs against his neck.

Before Dawn by @sheronm:  Tony comes home.

Unintended by @sheronm: After the war with Thanos is over, there’s still this:
Steve is in love with Tony, but Tony is getting married to Pepper. It’s
fine. (Until it isn’t.)

Post-Infinity War Snippets (series) by romanoff: Written for the prompt: hi i don’t know if you’re active on
this blog but i read your last prompt on ao3 and i was wondering if you
could give me some tony/steve angst post infinity war?? any closure will
do no pressure thank u byeSteve and Tony seek closure with a conversation.

The Future is Yet in Your Power by @festiveferret: “Now.” Wong leaned back in his chair. “What would you do to save this world from Thanos’ attack? What would you sacrifice?”“Anything,” Steve said. “Anything at all.”Wong considered him for a moment, expression unreadable. “There’s one thing, maybe.”

I Loved You (I’ll Leave You) by majesticdragonair:
If he had the energy, he would’ve quaked.

48 by @thegertie (RurouniHime):
Many happy returns.

Incoming by @thegertie (RurouniHime): The phone rings.It rings.(prequel to Spark series)

Spark (series) by @thegertie (RurouniHime):
There are no reinforcements in this universe that will make a difference now.

But he gets up. He pulls himself to his feet because that’s what he’s always done.