Tony’s Past Comes to the Present

Tony’s Past Comes to the Present

Do you have any recommendations for fics where Tony’s past self comes to the future any the team/Steve sees how broken/Lost tony was?

I know a few of those along that idea, though most are not directly your ask. But, these fit into the idea of the team learning about Tony’s past and Howard’s bad parenting, so I think you might like them. If anyone has other suggestions, please add them in comments.


De-Aged Tony:

A Second Chance by StonyAvengerGirl16:
During a battle with Loki, Tony is being his usual snarky self.  After hitting a raw nerve, Loki decides to take his revenge.

One of a Kind by kellebelle: Tony is turned back into his five-year-old self, and guess who Fury has assigned to babysit. Tony is a swell kid. Too bad Howard never noticed. (One shot)

The Kid (Will Be Alright) by @outercorner (AngeNoir): Steve Rogers has the unique chance to find out that yes, Tony Stark was a dick even at eleven years old.He also gets to understand why.

Time Travel:

hold the things you wanna say by SailorChibi: Tony is still a consultant, and between SI, the team and SHIELD he’s overworked and exhausted. That’s okay.He
and Steve have been having sex for weeks but that’s all it is, just
sex, and Tony wants more but he’ll never get it and that’s okay. Really.What’s not okay is the fact that Howard Stark has somehow appeared in the future and is the same as always. This is definitely going to fuck up his schedule. (Howard Time Travels, not Tony, but still the basic idea)

Twice Upon A Time by TsaritsaElena:
Tony Stark has never had an easy relationship with his father, but when
Howard Stark circa 1983 time travels to the future in a freak accident,
things get even more complicated, especially since Tony is dating his
dad’s idol, Captain America, and Howard doesn’t know. As they work
toward a solution that will restore Howard to his own timeline, will
Tony get a second chance at a father-son relationship with his dad, or
is he in for more of the same unforgiving treatment from Howard? Time
travel, Avengers missions, and a secret project of Howard’s: things at
Stark Tower are about to get a little crazy.

Every Damn Day by @musicalluna: The longer his relationship with Tony has gone on, the
more Steve wishes he’d gotten the chance to sock Howard Stark in the
nose.He finally gets his chance.

It Gets Better by Darkfairyforever22:
Steve goes back in time to figure out just how bad of a father Howard was.

It’ll Be Ok (even if time travel to ruin it, this time) by Nerowa: Tony Stark shouldn’t exist – It’s a matter of
circumstance that he’s here right now. That he’s dating Steve Rogers.
That his life is actually OK – even if he isn’t technically human
anymore.Until time travel (or the tesseract) is a bitch and sends
Howard Stark forward to 2014. (Tony wishes he was actually dead now…)

To the Future by Gothic_Lolita:
Howard insists on showing Peggy his supposed ‘time machine’. Neither of
them expected it to work. Peggy didn’t expect Steve to be alive and
dating Howard’s son. Howard didn’t expect to have a son.

Superheroes are born to be made by Moonlit_Lampshade:
Little Tony meets Future-him (and Captain America!).Tony in the present struggles with memory. Luckily Cap’s there to help.(Howard is a douchebag no matter how you slice it.)

Falling Verse (series) by theappleppielifestyle:
“Get Hank,” Steve snaps at a gaping Bruce. “Tell him that Dr. Doom’s
time travel thing is focused on Tony this time. Call the Tony from this
time and tell him to get here, now. And get a doctor. The bleeding’s not

(thanks to @yuniesan for the suggestion!)


Lesser Demons by sabrecmc:
Peggy leaves Steve something in her will.

(this is Steve watching old home movies of Tony at various stages of his life)