Demigods & Ancient Greece

Demigods & Ancient Greece

Are there any more fics where either Tony or Steve is half-god (excluding some that you already recced under a different tag)? It would be nice to read some Achilles/Patroclus tragedy Stony-style but I ventured into the unknown and got smote with a non-Stony Marvel ship which I can’t even say because it pains me. Thank you for your efforts!

There aren’t many that I know of like that, and if you’ve already read the Greco-Roman and Mythology recs, I only  have a couple other suggestions, but here you go:


Home, Here with You by @pensversusswords: For a precious moment suspended in time, they can lose themselves in each other. Anatolios
would love Stephanos for every moment there was air in his lungs, for
every moment he was permitted, and even after that, he still would. Even
if it must be silently and on borrowed time, he would always love

Man is a Wolf to Man by @sineala:
When Antonius is falsely accused and convicted of murdering an
ambassador, he is condemned to death by the wild beasts of the arena.
But the wolf sent to kill him is something rather more than he ever

The Godly Truth by PotterheadAvengerDemigod: Tony Stark is not all that he seems.Then again, neither is anyone else.Doesn’t
really involve actual Percy Jackson canon, just taking the concept. You
don’t need to have read the books or have knowledge of PJO to
understand this.

Amazing Perception by morphia:
Hercules AU – or: I really fucked up everything and everyone and I’m not
particularly sorry. Intended to be an Ults/MCU cross. Sort of.

Steven, Son of Odin by @wordsplat:
Hercules/The Avengers AU, starring Steve as a demigod with miraculous
strength and a point to prove, Fury as his reluctant trainer, and Loki
as a scheming god of the underworld. Tony, for the record, is not a
damsel, is not in distress, and he can handle himself just fine without
Mr. Rippling Pectorals over there, thank-you-very-much. Though,
admittedly, the view is nice.

This is How the World Ends by theappleppielifestyle: And Steve, always Steve, Steve here at the end of the world, because of course-Steve’s
voice like a slap, Steve’s voice like a kiss, Steve’s voice like the
first taste of whiskey, Steve’s voice like bloodied knuckles grated raw,
Steve’s voice like fingers ghosting over his cheekbone.Steve’s voice, bruising, half-sobbing: “-fuck, Tony, it’s not going to end like-”

We Align Ever So Nicely by elven_enchantress:
This really isn’t Tony’s day. Clearly he has not developed the instinct
to stay away from enormous possessive centaurs. He supposes it’s one
more thing to put on his massive to-do list, along with ‘escape Death
God’s contract’ and ‘find someone willing to look past his
Mediterranean-sized sea of issues’.

Eclipse by cooookieee: They had all the time in the world, and yet they weren’t able to live at all. (Steve rules the Sun, and Tony the Moon)