Hi, sabremum! Firstly, I’m sorry if you’ve got posts for these! I searched key words (shy, soft, quiet, etc.), but I didn’t see them. Do you have any shy!Steve or shy!Tony recs? Not so much virgins or shy with sex, but personality-wise, they’re “soft” and not at all as outgoing/loud/what-have-you as people who don’t know them think they are? Maybe fics where they use being loud and flashy as a mask, but are cuddly and enjoy night ins with a movie/book, or quiet time in the workshop/drawing ;p

Hmmm…well, there are only a few that are actually tagged that way, but here are some suggestions:


Shy Steve:

From Icicles With Love by Sparcina:
Tony and Steve find themselves stranded in the Arctic Circle, sharing heat and repressed feelings.

Sleepdrawing by Sparcina: Steve was sleepdrawing.
More to the point, he
tended to sketch Tony and himself in the throes of passion whenever he
slept. Sure that his dirty little secret would destroy their friendship,
he got rid of the proof… Little did he know, however, that Jarvis
collected every single piece of evidence.

You’re a Masterpiece by stonyunited: Steve is the teacher to Tony’s nine year old son, Peter.Or the one where Tony may or may not have a crush on his son’s teacher.

Flutter Like a Dance by ShyOwl; Steve is a shy floral designer with a massive crush on
Mr. Stark ever since he walked in Steve’s shop. There is no hope for the
two of them, of course, not when Steve hides in the back and was
content on pining from afar. Well, apparently, that was just simply unacceptable.

Choose the Road by @dirigibleplumbing:
Or, 5 times Tony heard Steve singing folk songs from his childhood.
A fic about flirting and courting, heritage and homeland. There’s a lullaby, Steve drawing Tony, and, ultimately, a wedding.

Shy Tony:

Tony’s Secret by Gayshippingiselementary:
Tony hasn’t told very many people about being gender fluid and with the
Avengers living in the tower, Tony doesn’t have the freedom to dress how
he wants. His birthday may lead him to come clean about a couple of
things including his totally non-existant feelings for Steve Rogers.

Tender Instincts & Panicked Measures by Thementalistlover2013: Tony Stark: Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, Team Mom?It wasn’t like Tony had set out to mother the Avengers.No,
it wasn’t like that at all, but it had surely ended in that fashion.
Someway, somehow, his life had turned from depressive workaholic,
alcoholic, everything-that-was-especially-harmful-holic to packing paper
brown bag lunches and personally sending out clothes to the cleaners.Personally – he hadn’t even sent his own laundry out pre-Avengers.He had just become the proud owner of five superheroes; they hadn’t even come with care kits or manuals or blueprints.Tony couldn’t breathe.

Do Not Steal Steve’s Fricken Pencils (or Poke Tony’s Bottom With Your Ruler) by @greymantledlady: Tony glances shyly at Steve through his eyelashes.
Steve’s looking back at him, steady and curious. His eyes are blue, like
the sky, and he doesn’t look shy at all.‘I’m Steve,’ he says. ‘You should sit here.’ Then he goes back to carefully organising his pencils. He has lots of colours.Or: The Avengers start school together and it goes about as smoothly as you’d expect.