Competitors & Rivals

Competitors & Rivals

Hi Sabre, first I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your recs. I know you’re busy writing but you still take the time to answer askes. Do you know any fics where Steve and Tony are competing against each other in some way, like on rival sports team or working at rival companies? Thank you!

Check the Sports AU recs that @ishipallthings did, because I’m sure there are some there, but here are some more competitor recs:


Steve Rogers and the Pureblood Heir by  Lenalena:
Community Gift for the 2016 Cap -Iron Man Holiday Exchange.Prompt:
“Hogwarts AU; Tony and Steve are in rival houses and have always butted
heads. Then one Christmas they find themselves at Hogwarts together
during the Holidays while the rest of their friends go home.”

It Takes Time (series) by @shetlandowl:
After a year-long sabbatical abroad, Tony returns to his post at the
Department of Architecture at MIT in time to hear all the excitement
over a hot new stud on Fury’s faculty roster, a Dr. Steve Rogers. As a
genius and the only MIT alumnus in the faculty, he’s not used to being
eclipsed by anyone, and he doesn’t take it all that well.

Delay of Game by McMeagger, asideofladies:
Tony Stark is the quickly-aging-out captain of the New York Ultimates
hockey team. He’s been having a rough few years, and it would be nice to
get his team one Calder Cup before he faces his inevitable retirement.
Steve Rogers is the new up-and-coming captain of the Brooklyn Howlers.
He’s just trying to do his best, and play the best hockey he can. Their
teams are bitter rivals, and the fans would like nothing more than for
them to come to blows on the ice. They have a slightly different idea on how to handle things.

Baby, We’ll Be Stars (destined to crash and burn) by S_Hylor: Tony Stark was a big name when it came to cross country
rally racing. He was at the top of the game, and despite pushing forty
and the multiple broken bones he’d had over the years, he didn’t think
that there was anything in the world for him other than the bikes and
the open spaces of desert racing. Steve Rogers was an up and coming, a
kid who’d fought tooth and nail to get sponsorship to race. He had a
natural talent that made him go up the ranks quicker than most.At first he’d been a rival and Tony had resented him. Then he’d started to admire him. Eventually he’d loved Steve.But the sand was deceptive.And now he was on the verge of losing him.

a higher form of war by gdgdbaby: The first thing that occurs to Tony is that the
deflector shields are down. The ship is motionless, a sitting duck—a
flying duck, as it were.He jettisons up. His black pirate flag’s
peppered with bits of neon paint—in fact, the entire topside of the
helicarrier is splattered haphazardly with broken pellets and streaks of
color. The UN flag’s been torn in half and is fluttering half-mast,
which means they’re probably breaking about ten different maritime laws.

The Giant Pumpkin and the Garden Guy by @captainneverever:
Tony decides to grow giant pumpkins for a competition and clashes with the community garden manager Steve.

Poker Night by @captainneverever:
When Tony convinces Steve to play a game of strip poker, Steve isn’t
sure what they are playing for or what exactly Tony is after.

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