Happy Birthday, Tony Stark!

Happy Birthday, Tony Stark!

Since today is Tony’s birthday, here are some fics featuring just that. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Tony by juniperhoot: “I’m just saying… maybe a big party is too much.
Forty-seven isn’t a milestone year. Nobody makes a big deal out of
forty-seven.”Challenge accepted.

Cosmic Cube and the Power of the Heart by @laireshi: Steve makes Tony’s birthday wish come true.Neither of them expects the outcome.

A Man That Has Everything by morphia:
It’s Tony’s birthday

I.O.U. by opposablethumbs: The Avengers decide what to give Tony for his birthday,
and go on to prove that it’s the thought that counts (along with
kissing).Unabashed fluff for Tony’s birthday.

Another Wasted Year by lwielaura:
“If I may, Happy Birthday, Sir” JARVIS’s voice echoed through the living
room, unheard by anyone but him, and he could swear that his robot
sounded a bit sad.

Fuck Emotional Stability by @theapplieppielifestyle:
As a rule, Tony usually hates birthday presents, but it’s actually a nice t-shirt.

Nothing Else Burns Like You by raineraine:
Steve Rogers can’t go on pretending forever– and Tony Stark’s birthday party is a great reminder of why.

With Friends Like These by Crematosis:
The team forgets Tony’s birthday. Luckily, Steve is there to set everything right.

Unexpected Surprises by Caahs:
When The Avengers decided to plan a surprise birthday party for Tony,
they didn’t expect the man to get a gift that wasn’t exactly on his

Feeling Like a Schoolboy by susanowa:
It’s Mr Stark’s birthday! Iron Man asks Steve for a favor.

Happy Birthday, Tony by AssistedRealityInterface:
Tony is really oblivious when he’s working on a new suit. So oblivious
that all the Avengers can prepare him a party over the course of two
weeks while remaining totally unnoticed. Steve is alternately
exasperated and deeper in love with his boyfriend, who is just quietly
befuddled as to why all these balloons are in his house and just what
they’re up to.

For You by Morethancupcake: “Tony fixes the text for a long time, wondering what it
could mean. Sorry for breaking up with you on your birthday. Sorry for
taking your bed. Sorry for not being able to handle you. “Tony’s birthday doesn’t go exactly as planned.

The Right Note by @xtaticpearlsblog: Tony was never the nostalgic type, no matter what everybody said, but he did have two photographs on his bedside table.It’s a special birthday and Tony gets some special gifts from his team.

Surprise Package by @tonystarkssnipples: Steve is positioned overseas for Tony’s birthday.Until he comes home.

You Loooooooove Each Other by @tonystarkssnipples;
Tony Stark swore he would never celebrate his birthday again. What did
it matter now, anyway? When he was younger and was passing
milestones—sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one, twenty-five—it was fun to
celebrate. Now the passing years were just markers of how he was one
year closer to death.

Birthday Dance by BookHaven: “No Clint, no more lap dances.” “Aww, come on Cap, it’s my birthday. One little dance?” Tony said unfazed by the commotion they were creating. “Tony” Steve said, tone heavy with warning. “What’s
the matter Cappy? Finally found something you’re afraid to do? Can’t
step up and follow through?” Tony held his eyes in a deadlock stare,
lips quirked in a half-smirk. Steve narrowed his eyes, unwilling to back
down.   Challenge fucking accepted

Unforgettable by @naxa1818:
Steve thinks he’s got the perfect gift for Tony’s birthday. He just
hopes he also has the courage to tell Tony how he really feels.

Don’t Say the “B-Word” by MarvelouslyAddicted:
In all the time Steve has known Tony, they’ve never once celebrated
Tony’s birthday. Steve starts to get suspicious, as he’s known Tony for
way more than a year now, but his asking Pepper has some unexpected

The Best Gifts Need No Packages by Dormammu:
Sheriff Steve has one plan for Stark’s newly discovered birthday: give
him a gift he’ll like enough not to drink for the day, choosing instead
to be happy and booze-free for his birthday. Easy, right?

Of Blankets and Coffee Cake by S_Hylor: Sometimes it’s the simple, innocent things in life that
turn out to be the best. Like building blanket forts and watching
movies. Or: the best 16th birthday celebration that Tony Stark didn’t known he wanted

Tony’s Birthday by TreeTree:
“Why didn’t you tell anyone it was your birthday, Tony? Why aren’t you out celebrating?,” Steve asks.

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