Prison AUs

Prison AUs

hi, thank you for your recs! do you know any fics where steve and tony meet in prison?

There are not many prison fics, but here you go:


Inside/Outside (the freedom remix) by @robintcj:
Tony Stark’s mentor and second-in-command, Obadiah Stane, has framed him
for international arms dealing, and Tony has wound up in prison,
sharing a cell with Steve Rogers, a Special Ops soldier who doesn’t
belong behind bars, either.

Come the Winter, Come the Storm by @captainshellhead, vibrainumstark: Tony Stark, an unremarkable day laborer in the gulag in
Izhma, has been deemed too much of a  liability to be allowed to remain
in Soviet control. Steve Rogers, one of SHIELD’s top operatives, is
sent undercover into one of the USSR’s many internment camps with the
specific instructions to retrieve him. The plan was simple, which, in hindsight was the first indication that everything was about to fall apart.

Resistance by @thegraytigress: (WiP): After being kidnapped during a fight, Tony and Steve
find themselves in a nightmare unlike any other.  They’re millions of
miles from home and trapped in an alien labor camp that can only be
described as hell.  There’s no chance of being found, no hope of being
rescued, and they’re facing deplorable conditions, vicious guards, and
other prisoners who are sadistic and cruel and just desperate to prey on
them.  Again and again they’re told they only have two choices in this
place: work or die.They choose something else.  Survival.

Cell Block Tango by MarvelousMenagerie: Tony Stark wasn’t really expecting to end up in prison,
even if he did commit a crime. He saved Rhodey’s life hijacking that
military operation, he certainly wasn’t going to apologize for it. Turns
out there’s many things he doesn’t expect.For one, having a cellmate in the form of Steve Rogers.For another, the cash reward on his own head.

Heart in Chains by chubbychoco:
A horrible misunderstanding with an undercover cop leaves Steve Rogers
flat on his ass in prison…where he soon attracts the attention of the
pen’s most dangerous, intelligent, and – unfortunately – attractive
inmate, Tony Stark.  The thing is, the more his fellow inmates warn him
to keep away, the more fascinated with Tony he becomes.

Blank Slate–a Tony Stark Mystery by navaan: He doesn’t remember who he is or who his friends are, but he
knows he’s in a Nazi prison and needs to get away. He doesn’t remember
anything about Captain America either, but the man seems to be the kind
of guy you trust.And apparently they share more history than meets the eye at first glance.

Prison AU by sabrecmc: Steve and Tony share a cell

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