Professor & Teacher AUs

Professor & Teacher AUs

Do you have any recs for professor!Tony? Bonus points if Steve is NOT his student. (Like maybe Steve is also a professor?) Thank you!!!

*waves*  I do know a few of those, and some professor or teacher Steve, though a lot are teacher/student, which I can read if it is college, but not high school.  I’ll note them where I remember.  Anyway, here you go.


Professor/Teacher Tony

Standard Deviation by jennagrins, karengrins: Okay, so maybe Steve isn’t Professor Stark’s biggest fan at the start of term but first impressions can be mistaken. Now Steve doesn’t care what Clint says, Tony is not his boyfriend. (college setting, Steve is a student, Tony is a researcher who gets stuck teaching a class for humanities)

Everybody Wants to Rule the World by ashinan:
“Welcome, newbies, to the only class SHIELD has to offer on surviving
this shit. I’ll be your teacher today, hi, Tony Stark, Iron Man, CEO of

(They are kind of both teaching here, but it is mostly Tony)

ask for my hand, and I’ll give you my heart by dizzydreamer: There is a rap to his chest. His heart beats to the scratch of the
pen, a dizzy kind of melody, an hum that only settles when the post
comes. ‘I give you my heart,’ he writes.As if it wasn’t already yours. (1872 Teacher Tony)

Professor/Teacher Steve

It’s a Start by The_Winter_Writer:
It was supposed to be a night full of grading papers, papers that Steve
was starting to want to set on fire, without any kind of relief in
sight. Being in a relationship with Tony Stark meant that what was
supposed to happen more often than not didn’t and in this instance Steve
was more than happy to welcome the distraction.

Perceptions of Light and Shadow by @winterstar95:
Signing up for an art course had not been his intention at all. He’d
gone into the building after something else entirely. And not the hot
teacher, the other one, the one with the arm or lack thereof. Tony Stark
might be a warmonger to the rest of the world, especially his soon to
be father-in-law, Obadiah Stane, but his true heart lies in building,
inventing, and helping others. After what he saw in Afghanistan he
decides to change everything with his company and way of life. He wants
to redirect the company into biotech, green energy, anything that will
make the world a better place. So, walking into the little art school
was only to find a way to talk with the disabled Vet, it wasn’t to sign
up for an art class, and it sure had nothing to do with how hot the
teacher was. After all, Tony Stark is engaged and about to be married to
the love of his life, Ty Stane. Why would he care about a down on his
luck art teacher, who is a single father, and who has a mysterious job
at a downtown exclusive club? Nope, Tony is perfectly happy in his
life…yep, perfectly happy. He just can’t figure out why he just signed
up for art classes.

Broken by starsandstarks:
Avengers small town AU (no superpowers). Tony Stark moves to the tiny
town of Kiowa, KS for his job as a big oil tycoon with his son Peter
& personal assistant Pepper Potts. Things are boring until school
starts when Tony meets Peter’s 1st grade teacher, Steve Rogers, and
falls hard for the pretty blonde in the checkered shirts.

Mama wants grandbabies, stat by @shetlandowl: It might not take a village, but that doesn’t mean
children don’t need help to get where they need to be. When Steve can’t
seem to manage on his own, what good mother would stand aside and let
any opportunity pass him by? Sarah Rogers is not that kind of mother.

counted my lucky stars (all of them add up to you) by shell-heads: Opening his mouth to introduce himself to the kids as
they swarm the man who must be Mr. Rogers, Tony feels his train of
thought teeter off its tracks and fall a steep death at his first look
of Steve Rogers since Peter started attending school. He’s
ridiculously attractive, Tony thinks dumbly as an extremely well-muscled
Greek statue stares back at him in shock, soft blond hair falling into
stunning blue eyes and a pink mouth wide open in a way that makes Tony
tingle faintly. “Ah, I, um,” Mr. Rogers is stuttering helplessly,
eyes falling from Tony to the kids clamoring at his knees. He doesn’t
really get..any smoother from there, but it manages to charm Tony
endlessly anyways. When Tony leaves Midtown Elementary, he’s a heart
poorer and a date richer. Steve? He’s just glad he remembered how
to English when Tony was around. God only knows it’d been hard enough
as it is to not melt into a warm pile of goo anytime Tony so much as
looked at him with that perfect hair and wide smile and stupid leather

Captain Kindergarten Teacher by rnarvcl: “Mr Rogers is fine.” Steve shuffled around a couple of papers around on his desk. “So, about your son.”“Ah yes, Peter.”“Yes, Peter.”

with a decent happiness by torigates: Tony Stark is Iron Man. Steve Rogers isn’t, and never was Captain America. Or, the one where everything is the same except Steve is a kindergarten teacher.


O Romeo, Romeo! by paxatonic:
Steve’s class is reading Romeo and Juliet, and he’s assigned them all
scenes form the play to perform at the end of the unit. To give examples
of speech and metering, he’d acquired the help of Physics teacher Tony
Stark across the hall, who is extremely willing to play Juliet.

no phones in class by paxatonic:
Tony has a pretty strict “no phones” policy. The tables turn when he’s caught sexting Steve in class.

punny by paxatonic:
“we leave each other notes on the blackboards au”

valentines by paxatonic:
Stark is a science teacher for the older kids, who regularly goes around
and fixes teacher’s computers. Steve is the art teacher and he’s in
love. the kids make a valentines card from steve to tony.

How on earth did you two fall in love? by paxatonic:
SHEILD high’s most loved teacher and most hated teacher are married. One
day Steve’s students ask him how on earth that happened, and he tells

Blue Suede Shoes by paxatonic: “Look, I don’t wanna marry the guy! I j ust want
something to talk to him about! And I refuse to revisit tenth grade
history.” He shivered. “Never again.”“I didn’t say anything about marriage.”“Shut up, ” he mumbled.-Tony
Stark has a very obvious crush on coworker and football coach Steve
Rogers. After one game, whilst trying to finally ask the man out on a
date, he gets a little more than he bargained for.

prom by paxatonic:
in an attempt to have a fun senior prom students make a plan to get Mr.
Rogers, the biggest buzzkill out of all the teachers, to shack up with
Mr. Stark, the most fun-loving teacher. It’s much easier than they could
have imagined.

Shield High by Fanhag102:
Mr. Stark is the infuriating Physics teacher down the hall from Mr.
Rogers’ History classroom. He gave Steve an obnoxious nickname, is
constantly taking Peter from his class for science, and might actually
be a really good teacher (and person) if Steve will just give him a

The Art of Prank Flirting by fadedlullabyes:
When Tony Stark is sharing a classroom with Steve Rogers, it can only
end in disaster. He finds himself in a prank war with a stubborn art
teacher and doesn’t know how to best him.

Teach You a Thing or Two by ThatRandomWeirdo1: Peter is an intelligent and bright student but he’s
seems to be getting more and more distracted. His teacher Steve has been
getting angrier at his missing father, Tony. Only when he goes to meet Tony, things go a different direction than Steve planned.

Lesson Learned by MaxxJacks: Prompt: Our Students see us leave and arrive in the same car.“No, we are not Dating, get on with your work.”

you really got me (and you shook me all night long) by shieldmaidenofrohan:
The one where… Tony and Steve are classroom neighbors, and the whole school ships it.

and the rest is history by knucklehead:
It’s completely natural for Tony to assume that the tiny kid who
attended his physics class is a student. Except, as usual he’s wrong.

It Takes Time (series) by @shetlandowl:
After a year-long sabbatical abroad, Tony returns to his post at the
Department of Architecture at MIT in time to hear all the excitement
over a hot new stud on Fury’s faculty roster, a Dr. Steve Rogers. As a
genius and the only MIT alumnus in the faculty, he’s not used to being
eclipsed by anyone, and he doesn’t take it all that well.

Saving the World (Is Totally a Date) by @wordsplat: Tony discovers Stane’s betrayal while he’s still being
held captive. When he escapes, he sets out to ruin Stane as completely
and ruthlessly as he can, playing up his PTSD and quitting his job to
destroy Stane quietly from the outside. He also picks up a teaching
job-all Pepper’s fault-and oh, right, becomes a supervillain. Okay, that
one was Tony’s fault, but it was totally an accident.In the
meantime, a certain Capsicle is defrosted a year early, and is assigned
the task of capturing the notorious Iron Man. It’s not going
particularly well, if the embarrassingly high number of times he’s been
kidnapped in the past six months is any indication. When SHIELD decides
to help him “adjust” by getting him a teaching job, Steve is skeptical;
but then there’s Tony, and Steve finds he doesn’t mind the 21st century
so much after all.

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