Zombie AUs

Zombie AUs

Hey this might seem weird but do you have any zombie au fics?? Thank you!

No such thing as weird with fic rec requests.  Here you go:


ZombieVerse (series) by love_in_the_stars:
Marvel!Zombies. Everyone is a zombie or dead-dead. Tony is still Tony
and Steve is still Steve. They just like to eat people now, that’s all.

s by flight815kitsune:
A warm bodies au for the avengers. In which Steve is a zombie, and the tower houses survivors.

Eventually by AdamantSteve:
Tony’s letters to Steve during the zombie apocalypse.

a god to a non-believer by calciseptine:
After the world ends, Steve finds happiness.

The Long Road South by citsiurtlanu:
Zombie apocalypse AU. Steve Rogers is rescued ten years after going into
the ice to find the world taken over by the undead, with the man who
brought him out being none other than his old flame, Tony Stark.
Believing that the serum running through Steve’s veins is humanity’s
last hope for finding a cure, they begin the long journey south in order
to meet up with Tony’s other contacts – dealing with hordes of biters,
living people of varying trustworthiness, and Steve’s own unresolved
anger toward Tony for his role in the War along the way.

Situation: Ninja by brillingspoons:
Everyone hates zombie ninjas, especially Tony Stark.

Gravely, Deeply, Deadly by @winterstar95: Tony looks at the remains of what he’s done. He looks
at it, long and hard. He memorizes the details, the horror. This is his
sin to own.or Tony and Steve are caught in a zombie apocalypse and things do not go well.

Life Itself by @winterstar95:
Steve really likes to take a bath. Tony needs to find out why. It’s for science….

Between the Shadow and the Soul by tracy7307:
For 34 years, Steve Rogers has been in a relationship with Tony Stark.
In each of the story’s four parts, an object or memory triggers a
flashback to an earlier moment of their lives.  Steve recalls a
children’s hospital visit, his musical education, a very drunken
Christmas and a zombie apocalypse.

Be Still by @wordsplat:
It’s the end of the world, but it’s not the virus that’s going to kill him.

Abandoned by Heaven by RoySwordsman:
Steve is injected with a deadly virus that lands him straight into
quarantine. However, the virus does more than any of the others could
have thought— It kills him, rebuilds him, and turned him into the
walking dead. Tony tries desperately to prevent it and cure Steve, but
is left with coping with his dearest friend turning into a zombie. This
takes its toll on Tony in more ways than one, as Tony has to watch his
friend slowly display symptoms of the undead. Doing all he can to save
him while, Tony is forced to watch the heart-breaking transformation
take place.

Every Day I’m Shuffling by sarisa:
Tony’s a zombie. But it ends happy, I swear.

The Labour of My Love by romanoff: Tony’s a newly minted zombie and Steve’s his keeper in way over his head.Steve,
Tony, Clint and Natasha run for their lives, fleeing the virus infected
New York. Tony is bitten two weeks after the virus hits. But he always
finds his way home.

Keeping Hope Alive by ereshai:
Steve tightened his grip on his weapon. It wouldn’t be like last time.

Toxicity by winterwind:
“Never fall in love in a war zone,” her instructor had told her a
lifetime ago, when things still had made sense.  She had accepted it,
lived by it, but only now, watching them, did she understand why.

dead masquerade by sleeponrooftops:
An epidemic strikes that renders planet Earth infected.  Save for
those who have sworn to protect her, of course.  But even the Avengers
find that the infected have gone beyond their control, and they seek
retreat in the safe bases overseas, hiding from the bite and struggling
to survive.

Battle for the Sun by snoozingkitten: This story is about that moment, that hour, that day
right after the end of the world where all the pieces were there but no
one had any idea how they fit together any more. It is also about
zombies. Mostly, it’s about unethical science.Where it wasn’t aliens, but zombies.

Zombie AU (series) by Amonae:
Tony gets bit and doesn’t tell anyone. He’s fine. It’s under control. He’s managing.

It’s Not Dying, Not Really, It’s Just Falling Asleep by thesilverwitch:
You know what they say: there’s never a happy ending in a zombie story.

one day they’ll drink from our bones by the_chivalrous_dead: The Avengers are meant to protect the world. But the
world isn’t the same anymore. The world is dying. But the dead aren’t
staying dead. Now the Avengers a holed up in an abandoned prison, doing what they
can, with what little they have left, their numbers ever dwindling. Tony’s not sure how much longer they can keep going.

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