Loss of JARVIS

Loss of JARVIS

do you have any fics recs where like after aou tony is struggling with the loss of jarvis?

I know: I’m way behind on asks, but finally, here you go, Anon.  Sorry it took me so long.

Going Home by Batfink: Tony heads back to New York, to a life without Jarvis. Steve stays in LA, to train the new Avengers.Minor Spoilers for Age of Ultron in relation to Jarvis-Vision mainly.

Dark Side by SailorChibi:

Tony makes it to the end of the street before he turns the car back around and goes to find Steve. Devastated by the loss of JARVIS, he tries to get Steve to punish him to make it hurt less. It doesn’t go as planned.

The Path I Started by JayEz: Tony rebuilds, modifies. Takes fragments and gives them new order. He does not create. He can’t, not anymore. Not after this.Or: After the events of Ultron, Tony rebuilds the tower by himself and shuts everything out to the point that Pepper takes desperate measures and asks Steve to come and help.

Peggy Protocol by NotEvenCloseToStraight:

Tumbly Prompt== Post CACW and Jarvis suggests Tony reprogram his AI to a familiar, comforting voice since he knows that Tony still misses JARVIS.

System ID: J.A.R.V.I.S. by @cptxrogers: It is exceedingly difficult to destroy a complex system which iterates from very simple principles. If even one small part of the system remains, it can rebuild itself.After Civil War, Tony is struggling with heading up the team and dealing with the emotional fallout of being betrayed by those closest to him. Luckily, an old friend is back to help protect Tony and ensure he comes to no harm.A Jarvis lives AU. (thanks to @arukou-arukou for the suggestion!)

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