Blind Date AUs

Blind Date AUs

No one asked for these, but you SHOULD HAVE because these are GREAT!  I had such a good time with the one I wrote, and I ended up reading some others, so now I have recs to share.  I also notice that we authors are not exactly the most creative with titles, but whatever. Enjoy!

Blind Date by @captainneverever

Steve thinks he’s been stood up by his blind date.

Blind Date by Zafona: 

Blind date, that should be okay right? The team won’t know Steve’s preference for men and he’ll get to go and meet someone. There’ll be no judgment, he’ll still be their captain, and he might get a boyfriend out of it. Steve decides to go through with it, he won’t lie but he won’t force the truth. He’s confident, Steve watches for his date when Tony Stark walks in. Confidence fades

Blind Date by PureFury: 

Steve and Tony are matched on a Blind Date site and decide to meet up. What Steve didn’t put on his profile is that he’s actually blind.

Blind Date by Tacuma: 

Steve and Tony’s friends are going on a blind date but both of them don’t want to go so they forced/persuade Steve and Tony to go on that date. Tony and Steve hit it off on the date while using their friend’s identity. Now they’re both have the problem of how to tell the other that they’ve lied about who they really are.

Coffee Shop Love by @inukagome15

Tony Stark did not like coffee shops, but he could make an exception for the one with the cute barista who had smiles that were to die for. If only Steve wasn’t so unattainable…

Trying Different Wiring by AlloyUSOBondGirl: 

Tony and Steve are being set up at a dinner by their friends. Being set up is hard enough but realising that they were each other’s one night stand a month back really throws them off their game. Facades are created, concerned friends make things more complicated and soon the night is looking like a mess. What do you do when the person you haven’t stopped thinking about can’t remember who you are? How far do you go to win them back?

Color Me in Love by @queendophne: Based on a prompt from a friend on discord:Character A is bored waiting for their blind date to pick them up, so starts throwing paint balloons out their window onto the street below, they accidentally throw one as someone is walking down the unlit alley and hit them dead on, character A hides before they can see them… cue character B showing up at their door looking sheepish and covered in paint whilst character A has to figure out how to explain it was them/ completely lies about it and confides in their friend about it… only for the friend to reveal character A’s secret (some period of time) later.

Bean There, Done That by @tisfan: Tony and Steve get together for a blind date, set up by Natasha.Unknown to them, the entire conversation is overheard by Alice Epshteyn, a Coffee Shop review blogger with a huge following…

Candy Apple Kisses by Silverinstars: ‘Really Steve? This guy is forty five minutes late, Who gives a damn if he thinks you have nice teeth or not’
Steve’s date was late, but had one hell of a way to apologize for it.OR
That Blind Date AU the author always wanted to write.

Pudding Pop by kadabrafreak890: 

Annoyed with the dance Steve and Tony are doing around each other, Clint sets the two up on a blind date….Which is a great idea. If, you know, the two weren’t already dating.

Natasha Knows Everything by Heartithateyou: 

Steve agrees to let Natasha set him up on a blind date, he’s surprised at his date for the evening.

Blind Date Identity Porn AU by sabrecmc: Steve is in love with Iron Man, who keeps telling him how great his boss, Tony Stark is.  Tony Stark is head over heels for Captain America.  This artist ex-soldier guy Pepper and Nat conspired to set him up with is pretty okay, too. 

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