Hanahaki Disease

Hanahaki Disease

Hello! I’m searching for something specific. Some time ago, I had read a ficlet (probably) Steve/Tony with the Hanahaki disease. (I think there was only Tony in the first part-) It was on tumblr, I think – but I can’t remember the author. Can you help me? Thank you anyway!

I don’t know a tumblr fic, but there are now several on Ao3, so maybe it is one of these?


Roses are Red (With My Blood) by starsandsupernovae:

Both Tony and Steve are suffering in the aftermath of CACW

You’ve Got Flowers in Your Lungs by Starksus:

When Tony coughs up the first petal he knows he is going to die.

heaving through corrupted lungs by Alysae: “You’d think they would have developed some kind of medicine for this by now,” he joked.Pepper levelled him a hard glare as she twirled the bloodied pink petals in her hand, staining her perfectly manicured nails. “This is not a joking matter, Tony.”“Oh, I don’t know, Pep. Seems like the biggest joke of my entire life. And you know I had many,” he added, plucking a petal from between his teeth. “Killed by love. Well, in this case, unrequited love. How ironic.”

Fallen Petals by bunu_bonu:

Steve dreads the times that he feels his stomach churn. There’s always that floral after taste when he finally hacked up everything. He doesn’t remember when it first started, but isolating himself from that one particular person isn’t helping the slightest bit.

On the Exhale by FestiveFerret
Steve and Tony travel to an alien planet to help a community after several kids go missing. But while they’re searching, Tony gets hit with a toxic substance, and Steve only has a precious few days to find a way to save him.

Truths and Roses Have Thorns About Them by FestiveFerret
Steve has a secret. And then he makes a poorly-timed joke to a reporter, and suddenly he has two secrets.
One: He’s in love with his best friend.
Two: Despite what the press thinks, they’re not actually dating.