Bucky & Tony Friendship

Bucky & Tony Friendship

Hey, I love your fic recs and thank you so much for making them! And organising them so well too! I was also wondering, do you have some Bucky and Tony friendship fics?

I actually adore Bucky and Tony becoming friends and bonding, especially when it sort of starts out antagonistic.  Try the Bucky is Team Stony recs, as well. A lot of the fics in this tag are Stuckony, which I don’t read, but here are some Stony suggestions for you:

Brooklyn’s Finest by kellebelle:
“Day #79 of Stark Watch. Where is the 25 year old genius? No one
has spotted him in nearly three months, and many are speculating that he
might be dead. Others remain hopeful and alert, eagerly awaiting the
return of their favorite billionaire to the spotlight.”

HYDRA gets Tony, then Steve gets Tony. Steve isn’t sure how this
became his life but he’s fairly certain Tony Stark is going to be the
death of him.Mafia AU.

Unexpected Friendship by SociallyAwkwardFox:
Steve doesn’t expect Bucky to spend most of his time at the tower with
Tony, but somehow it ends up happening. The two get along like peas in a
pod. Strange peas, but it works.

He didn’t mind by lwielaura:
Steve couldn’t help but feel a little offended.
Because he always had been pretty sure that Tony was straight before Bucky had moved in.And yes, he was offended but never would he admit that he was utterly and completely jealous.

In your arms, I’d like to stay by PriyaxRishbabh: For this prompt from Illbetherestonyfest that I couldn’t get to in time, because children are a nightmare.[MCU]
Avengers back together. Tony keeps a polite distance from Cap, but
starts an odd friendship with Bucky: They do things they used to do w
Cap and bond over mutual interests Cap never had. Cue jealous Cap in
denial that it can be anything but friendly jealousy. He’s just jealous
Tony is replacing him with Bucky, right? (wrong).
Bonus 1: Tony is aware of Cap’s jealousy, but thinks he’s jealous of Bucky. Cue jealous Tony provoking Cap’s jealousy even more.
Bonus 2: Bucky knows the truth of it all.

Apprentices by @copperbadge (part of foodie verse):
Using Bucky to keep Tony entertained wasn’t Steve’s best idea.

Just Come Home by Pearl_Unplanned: It had been four months since Tony had last seen his
Alpha. It was supposed to be a normal mission, infiltrating A.I.M. But
something must’ve gone wrong, because they’d lost all contact with
Steve, the day he was supposed to be back. He was going to tell his
Alpha the second that he was home that he was going to be a father.Only, Steve didn’t come home.(Or pregnant Omega Tony is scared when his Alpha goes missing. When
they do find Steve, four months later, he isn’t alone, and the
Rogers-Stark family will never be the same.)

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