Tony Seduces Steve

Tony Seduces Steve

Hi, I love your blog! I was wondering if you know any fics that Tony seduces Steve

Come a little bit closer, Anon, you are speaking my language!  I love Tony seducing Steve, and we don’t get enough of that.  Here are some suggestions, and I’ve included some Tony wooing Steve suggestions, too.


Captain America, Undone by @laireshi: Steve thinks he can seduce Tony before Tony seduces him.He’s very, very wrong.

Wooing–Tony Stark Style by citysonfire:
A range of different gifts keep appearing for Steve and Tony appears to be behind it.

cherry wine by starkravingcap: Steve likes lazy mornings and waking up to the man he loves. Tony likes to use his charms and wiles for good, mostly.Or; the one where Tony seduces Steve using the language of love.

Seduction Fail, Tony Stark Get by ficwriter103:
Written for the Prompt: “I just got turned into an incubus or a succubus
and I’m like the least smooth and most self-conscious person on the
planet so I’m literally starving because I don’t know how to seduce
people” AU.

Don’t Tempt Me (I Just Might Answer) by torianmist:
Tony wears seduction like a second skin. He finds the chase a challenge. And Tony never, ever backs down from a challenge.

After the War The Battle Was Lost by torianmist:
Steve asked what he was out of the armor…..Tony tells him.

Knight of Heaven and King of Hell by AngeNoir: When Steve accidentally confronts his target, Anthony,
rogue angel who has turned demon and become a major pain in SHIELD’s
side, before he was ready, he expected Anthony to kill him.He
certainly didn’t expect Anthony to capture him. Or to give him free
reign of the mansion (even with a bodyguard). Or to get books and art
supplies for Steve when he was bored.Steve is a Knight of Heaven. Anthony is a demon. He shouldn’t be conflicted like this.

if I were fearless by theappleppielifestyle:
Tony asks Steve for advice on how to woo ‘someone.’

Proud to be an American by @ashes0909: Steve groaned, threw his head back onto the pillow. “Is this really happening?”“What?” Tony asked, his eyes wide with feigned innocence.“Are you really seducing me with patriotism?”~~~Steve would like everyone to know that the unofficial title for this is, “I’m Sorry, America.”

Stark as You Mean to Go On by Pandemic: Because Tony never does things by half, why would wooing Captain America be any exception?In which Tony’s determined, Steve oblivious, Bruce confused, Thor emotional and Natasha 100% done.

Blueberry Waffles and Fireworks by MangoMartini: “New plan,” Tony declares, spreading his arms wide. “We’re going to woo the Capsicle.”“Sir, this may not be the right time—”“What?
Just because SHIELD fell apart and he’s busy chasing his brainwashed
best friend? Yeah, probably. But what the hell? Let’s do it anyway.”

Say You’ll Be Mine by IAmNotLost:
The four times Tony tried to subtly woo Steve, and the one time he was painfully clear.

Give Me a Sign (Point Me in the Direction of Your Desire) by GhostCwtch:
Tony is going to woo Steve. No, really, he has a whole plan an
everything. It’s just, things keep going wrong. If he’s not getting
thrown into the pool and having flashbacks, then some bad guy is
fighting some other hero all through their date. But something has to
give eventually, right?

i would shower you with roses if only they didn’t make you need an epi-pen by theappleppielifestyle: Tony has a plan to woo Steve, and is determined not to let Steve’s health issues get in the way.Which
is hard, because giving him flowers make him have a sneezing fit, they
have be careful about food because it seems like Steve is allergic to
everything, and they end up spending most of their dates in the hospital
after something goes wrong.

For Steve seducing/wooing Tony, try:

The (Terrible) Seduction of Tony Stark by cvsossong:
Tony thinks Steve is an innocent virgin and tries to take it slow with
him. Steve is having none of that. Unfortunately, Tony doesn’t take
hints well.

The More Things Change by cookinguptales:
Steve’s not entirely sure how seduction works nowadays, but he’s learned from the best.

My Heart is Yours by starkspangledsprocket:
Steve is determined, above all else, to win Tony’s heart. Even if it means using old fashioned methods.

Woo Me by Crematosis: Tony has never been good at relationships. After his
breakup with Pepper, he’s pretty sure he’ll never find anyone else who
can put up with all his idiosyncrasies and it’s probably best if he
lives alone.But when Steve decides he’s going to woo him, Tony finds it hard to resist.

help me help you by theappleppielifestyle:
Tony offers to help Steve woo the mysterious person he’s apparently in love with.

Steve Rogers, Casanova Extraordinaire by ann2who @stark-spangled-lovers: Telling someone you love them is, in Steve’s book, the hardest things in the entire world.Until it suddenly isn’t.Or: One Halloween party, many magical costumes, and a very confused
Tony Stark who has trouble dealing with Steve’s sudden flirting skills.

Swoon by owltype:
Steve likes Tony and he thinks (hopes) Tony likes him back. The only way
to be sure is to take Tony out on a series of dates and woo him
properly. Hopefully, eventually, there will be kissing.

in the one garden you may call your own by Woad: It was probably the height of arrogance, helping Steve
woo himself. But what could Tony do? Steve was right, there was no one
else who knew the Golden Avenger better.Steve enlists Tony to help him tell Iron Man how he feels.

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