Anastasia AUs

Anastasia AUs

I honestly love love looove your blog, thanks for all the fic recs! I was wondering if there were any stevetony Anastasia AUs? I think those two would really work well with this plot line.

There are a couple of BuckyNat Anastasia AUs that I’ve seen, but for Steve and Tony, try:


things my heart used to know, things it years to remember by Fluffypanda: A curse, set to complete by winter’s endChildhood friends, separated by many yearsThe memories that connect them, lost.

Years of Dreams Just Can’t be Wrong by Tito11:
Presenting Steve and Tony in the Anastasia!AU
Tony’s got a plan: find
a look-alike for the lost Tsarevich and take him to Paris to pass off
as the real thing to General Fury for a reward of ten million rubles.
The look-alike he finds, however, is Steve, an orphan with no memory of
his past and a personality that clashes with Tony’s in almost every way.
The best either of them can hope for is to survive the trip without
killing one another or, even more dangerously, falling in love.

a new wind blows (and soon it will be spring) by theappleppielifestyle: The more Bucky looks at her, the more he sees features
that he can pass off as genuine Romanov. He’s been having auditions for
girls for a week now, but he hasn’t seen anyone who looks more like-She brings up her knee and gets him right in the balls. (Or, a Bucky/Nat Anastasia AU.) (does feature Stony, but main pairing is BuckyNat)

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