Stony Featuring Music

Stony Featuring Music

SabreGodMother~🎶 Hello!A broadway student here, at your service! Do you perhaps know any musical Stony? It can be any type of fics! Even singing in the shower would be nice! Or either of them knowing the other could sing! 💕🎶 Thank you so much in advance!

That’s an interesting ask!  Let’s see…Also, check out @ishipallthings recs with singing/humming.  Here are some musical and singing recs for you.  Turns out, there are a fair number of these.  Enjoy!


High School is Not a Musical by Settai:
Starting at a new school in the middle of the year is hard enough for
Steve Rogers. Then he meets Tony Stark, and his life really starts to
get complicated.

I am the Music Man by starspangledsprocket:
Steve is the choreographer for the school musical, and is doing perfectly well until Tony Stark gets cast in the lead role.

Once More, With Vengeance by Princess_Aleera: “So, I’ve got this question,” Tony says when he walks
into the Avengers’ living room this morning, “and feel free to ignore me
if, y’know, I’m talking crazy here, but have any of you spontaneously
burst into song lately?”There is a moment of total silence. Then
Natasha curses in Russian and Clint bursts out with “I knew there was
something off with those back-up singers!” Steve says nothing, but he
blushes, and Thor claims that he noticed nothing out of the ordinary, as
he tends to spontaneously burst into song anyway.  Or, the one where New York falls under a musical spell and that is not nearly as much fun as it sounds like.

Singing Comes From the Soul by orphan_account:
Prompt: Steve catches Tony singing in the shower.

Shower Serenade by Beckendorf: For the tumblr prompt: ‘the walls are really thing so i
hear you sing every morning in the shower at 6:30 and you’re actually
really good and I stand next to the wall and sing the next lyrics to see
what would happen’. In which Tony’s life dramatically changes when Captain America starts singing in the shower.

Singing in the Rain by my_angry_angel:
Steve overhears Tony singing in the shower one morning.

Fervid Elation by helens78:
Steve sang in the shower.  Of course Steve sang in the shower; if Tony
had been making a list of stereotypical, I-came-from-the-1940s, Boy
Scout traits, singing in the shower would be at the top of the list.

Tony Gets Cabin Fever by ninjamcgarrett:
Written for one of my best friends when she was stuck in NYC during
Hurricane Sandy. Tony is bored and only slightly devious while Steve is
entertained and more than a little turned on. I highly suggest listening
to Gary Glitter’s “Do You Wanna Touch” before or during reading this,
as it’s the song Tony dances and sings to. Enjoy!

We Got No Troubles (Life is the Bubbles) by @viennasunrise:
Tony comes home from work with a splitting headache and seeks out the
one thing that always makes him feel better: his husband, Steve.

Hush Hush My Darling by DeanAfterDark:
I feel so bad for not writing a new fic in this series in such a long time

Sing Me To Sleep by ironhale:
Whenever Steve has nightmares, Tony sings him to sleep even if he’s halfway across the world.

Singing My Emotions by ShandrisCZ:
The team notices Steve is acting weird lately…he’s…singing. Cheesy
love songs that no-one has any idea how he found them. This is short,
cute and fluffy.

where ever you’re going, i’m going your way by @capnshellhead:
Tony didn’t sing often but when he did, Steve was never far away.

Caught by Arelia_Luminot:
Steve doesn’t know who it is but that husky tenor voice is
absolutely…fantastic. He wouldn’t say mesmerizing but it was nice, he
wouldn’t be surprised if it was professional.

Old Man’s Tunes by batty4u:
It had been one of those days whenever everything went wrong. Tony had
screwed up, big time. Which meant a big apology. but when he had gone to
find Steve to man up and do so, he hadn’t expected to find everyone
singing in the kitchen.

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