Stony from Outside Point of View

Stony from Outside Point of View

Hi! Love your recs! Do you have any fics where ou couple is seen through Bruce or Nat PoV? Thanks

I will give you a few suggestions and include some general Outsider POV fics, because I LOVE THOSE!


Bruce POV:

The Fight by @greymantledlady: Steve’s sitting at the bar, digging viciously into the
world’s largest bowl of cornflakes and milk. His head’s bowed down low, a
wrinkle between his eyebrows, and you can almost hear the loudness of him Not Saying Anything.Tony’s
facing the coffee machine, shoulders hunched. He seems to be drinking
coffee on repeat; as Bruce watches, Tony drains the cup and shoves it
forward again for an instant refill. There’s an unhappy little twist to
the corner of his mouth.‘Hi,’ Bruce tries. ‘Uh. Steve, Tony.’‘Morning,’ Steve says sadly.~ Or, in which Steve and Tony have a fight, and Bruce is 100% done with their moping and sad puppy-eyes.

Bruce Banner: the best friend Steve and Tony Could Ask For by Fanhag102: Bruce finds unlikely friendship with both Steve and Tony. But, of course, it can’t be that simple.His two new friends have to hate each other.  (Steve and Tony’s budding relationship as seen through Bruce’s eyes)

Natasha POV:

sit with me (and look up at the stars) by @musicalluna:
Natasha wants to protect her friends from the things that haunt
them–that can be difficult when they decide to face their demons

Let’s Watch (series) by makeme85: There’s a lack in Tony’s shut down security when he and Steve are having sex in the gym…Of course the rest of the avengers find out about it…(Includes Nat, Clint, Bruce and Thor watching)

The Look by navaan:
Sometimes it’s painfully obvious to anyone but the people involved what’s going on. Steve needs a little push to see.

Pepper POV:

Second Childhood by navaan:
Steve and Tony get de-aged and it brings some problems, but maybe it gives them to chance to start over.

Bucky POV:

5 Times Bucky Thought Tony Was Good for Steve + 1 Time He Told Him by theappleppielifestyle: To say Bucky is unimpressed by Stark would be an understatement.It
isn’t that he dislikes him. It’s more that he’s a brand of indifferent
that curdles with disdain on the rare occasion that Bucky catches him on
the TV: Stark is glib and crass in a way his father never was, and he
wears suits like he’d slipped out of the womb clad in Armani.So it’s a surprise when Bucky moves into the Tower and finds that Steve actually gets along with the guy.

Destroyed Refrigerators and Frozen Chickens by @tonystarkssnipples​: Bucky hated the future. Sure, the food was better and
the movies were more interesting, but the majority of things felt… off.
The beds were too soft and the streets were too full. The whole damn
world seemed to have gotten itself in a goddamn rush.–Or, how Bucky found out about Steve and Tony

Sentimental Echoes by deerna:
Bucky needs Tony to fix his arm, but while he’s working on it they end up talking about feelings and Big Things.

“Give him the damn ring, Tony. He’ll be beside himself with happiness, I promise you.”

Operation Knuckleheads by @festiveferret​:
Bucky is enjoying his new, post-Winter Soldier life at Avengers Tower,
until he discovers that the constant tension between Steve and Tony was
caused by a recent (and mysterious) breakup. Determined to make his
friends happy, Bucky gives himself a new mission: figure out what went
wrong, and get these two idiots in love back together again.

Sam POV:

Thaw (The Lookin’ Through the Windows Remix) by @veldeia:
Sam isn’t sure whether he’s more worried for Steve, who’s gone missing
in the cold, or for Tony, who seems to have lost his mind.

Are They or Aren’t They Dating? by @captainneverever
Sam can’t tell if Steve and Tony are dating. But Scott wants Steve’s
room and the team can’t find Thor’s pet anywhere, except for his paw

A Little Bit of Action by @musicalluna​:
Sam throws a barbecue for his closest friends and, naturally, things get a lot more interesting when Tony Stark shows up.

Favorable Winds by RurouniHime:
Steve’s voice comes from behind, a sigh and a thump as his own pack hits the floor. “Sam. Meet Tony Stark.”

Carol Danvers POV:

Love in a Time of Amnesia by @everybodyilovedies:
Carol might have lost all her memories of her friends, but there’s at
least one thing she can know with absolute certainty: Steve and Tony are
a couple. And if the rest of the Avengers insist on saying they’re not,
well: Carol will just have to put her amnesia to use, for the greater

Old pictures that I’ll always see (The Yesterdays Remix) by @laireshi​:
Tony Stark and Steve Rogers find themselves in the future. Meeting their older selves is enlightening, to say the least.

That Time Back Then by navaan:
An accident sends Steve and Carol back in time and watching Steve and
Iron Man interact gives Steve a new perspective on how blind both of
them were all those years ago.

Clint POV:

never bet against the house by fantalimon:
In which Clint, of all people, really should know a rigged game when he sees one. (But he doesn’t.)

The Unlikely Wingman by @sineala:
Clint doesn’t see why he should have to follow Captain America’s orders.
But he also doesn’t see why Captain America should have to sit around
looking miserably lonely, either.

Labels by annanndstann:
Clint moves into the tower and notices that Tony really likes labels.

Creatures of Habit by Pearl_Unplanned: Every morning since Tony had invited the Avengers to
stay at the tower, Steve has come down early and started a pot of coffee
before getting himself some breakfast and finding the newspaper. Clint
was the first to notice, seeing that the Captain never drank any coffee.
And then like magic, a sleepy Stark would wander down the hallway, as
if drawn by the scent of caffeine, and crawl over to where he’d find a
mug waiting for him. They didn’t call him Hawkeye for no reason. He noticed things, and tried to make sense of them. But it happened every day. OR Clint’s noticing Steve and Tony’s odd behavior, but they’re not dating. Not at all. 😉

Enough with the UST Already by Tahlruil: The whole team knows that Steve loves Tony as much as Tony loves
Steve… but both of them seem completely oblivious. It’s been years,
and Clint Barton has had just about enough of the long looks and the
wistful smiles and the pining and the feeling each other up after
battles because they have an excuse. It’s time the crazy dance ended, and he’d make it happen himself if that’s what it took.He just wished he had some popcorn.

Janet van Dyne POV:

Janet van Dyne’s Guide to Wooing a Superhero on Behalf of Another Superhero by @everybodyilovedies: …In Eight Simple Steps!When Arno Stark
realizes that the fate of the world depends on Steve and Tony being in a
romantic relationship, he goes to Reed Richards for help.
Unfortunately, Reed doesn’t exactly have a head for matchmaking. Enter
Sue, who brings in Jan to help her. Together, the two embark on a
single-minded quest: convince Steve and Tony to get their mack on. When
this proves harder than they could have ever imagined, Jan starts
bringing in some additional conspirators to help.

Dance Floor Revelations (The On the Fences Remix) by navaan:
Jan drags Steve out to an event she and Tony are attending. It leads to some interesting revelations.

Joined Hands (The Rebound Remix) by navaan:
When Steve walked past Tony their shoulders brushed lightly and Janet,
who hadn’t been paying attention until now, suddenly looked closer.

Maria Stark POV:

Don’t Marry Someone You Met When You Were Still in Diapers by @sarahhbe​:
Maria watches her son grow up and his friendship with Steve Rogers become something more.

Outsider POV:

Bean there, Done That by
@tisfan: Tony and Steve get together for a blind date, set up by
Natasha. Unknown to them, the entire conversation is overheard by Alice
Epshteyn, a Coffee Shop review blogger with a huge following…

Not in the Fine Print by daisybelle:
Written for the following prompt; Steve visits Tony in Stark Industries
with a bouquet and an invitation to a lunch date. Story/fanart in POV of
a Stark Industries Employee looking at their relationship.

Being Wrong

by Nix (CrimsonQuills):
Prompt: “Steve isn’t in it for the money.”

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