Rockstar Tony AUs

Rockstar Tony AUs

Hi! Can you please recommend me some rockstar! Tony?

Rockstar, Singer and  Band AUs!  Here you go:


Dreamed of All the Different Ways by Emonym23, thepretender501:
It’s the summer of 1979 and Steve Rogers needs to shake off the blues
and enter the world again. He somehow finds himself on the road with The
Avengers, a band of misfits founded by troubled music prodigy, Tony
Stark. Then life gets interesting.

Rocker Tony AU with Skinny Steve Getting Grief for Wearing the Band Shirt by @starkpad (tumblr post)

Rockstar AU by theappleppielifestyle: (tumblr post)
Anonymous asked: “so imagine a rockstar au where tony is the lead singer
or whatever and steve is the band’s songwriter and secretly all of his
songs are about tony who was oblivious to this until hALFWAY THROUGH A
CONCERT then was like wait. wait a minute. sTEVEN IS THIS SONG ABOUT ME
and steve is just like UHH SWEATS NERVOUSLY”

Crooner by wirewrappeddaily: There are songs to sing; there are feelings to feel;
there are thoughts to think. That makes three things: You can’t do three
things at the same time. Singing is easy: shiver off the tongue. Thinking comes with the tune. That leaves feeling. And you’re not going to catch him feeling. Tony Stark had a great voice. He had a magical voice, even. But he
didn’t have the presence for it. Didn’t have the pizzazz to make it in
the ‘20s roar.

Blowin’ the Blues Away by Zekkass:
He stops in the doorway and stares: some blonde guy he doesn’t know
is the source of the drumming. It’s an infectious beat, one that Tony
aches to record and break down to its individual pieces, writing out the
notes for the snares, the bass drum, the crash cymbals – he balls his
hands into fists and walks into the room, telling himself not to notice
the blonde himself, the sweat on his neck, the dog tags swinging through
the air as he bobs his head, the too-big hands that look like they
could break the sticks easily.

aka the one where Coulson owns a bar and keeps a band in-house, but it’s really just about Steve and Tony.

Rock You All Night Long by starspangledsprocket:
Tony is the front man of The Avengers, the biggest rock band in the
world, but he’d gladly give it all up to be with the man he loves and
start a family of their own.

Steve Rogers Does Not Believe in Love At First Sight by @viennasunrise:
Bucky drags Steve out of the apartment to a bar on open mic night and
Steve figures out that maybe he does actually believe in love at first

so you could be king by mmtion:
Tony is the rock star trying to regain the public’s favour after his
latest drug-induced disaster. Steve is the up-and-coming country music
sensation, in over his head. Both of them are desperate.

A Special Night (For Me to Get Things Off My Mind) by McHummus: Bucky takes it upon himself to cheer Steve up after a
bad break up and Steve decides to go along with his plans so that
there’s no hassle. He hadn’t planned on melting into a puddle at a
rockstar’s feet.Prompt: “Tony is a rockstar. Steve gets dragged
to one of his concerts by a friend (Bucky or Peggy?). He doesn’t really
want to be there but finds himself having fun anyway. Tony locks eyes
with Steve during the performance and it’s all down hill from there!
Bonus points if you can make the story about a missed connection that
gets resolved!”

Harmonic Resolutions (The Incredulity Remix) by antigrav_vector: In this story of a band, as seen through the eyes of
its vocalist, we follow Tony Stark through the ups and downs that mark
his career.After fighting his way through the rocky starts of finding a label,
and getting signed, not to mention the somewhat acrimonious way that
came to an abrupt end, he manages to find it in himself to rebuild. It
takes some time, but all Tony still needs is a guitarist. Or that’s what
he tells himself.In the end, to know what else he’s missing, it takes meeting his guitarist.

White Bread World by moodyme:
Or, Steve walks into a bar and becomes besotted with Tony after he sings a cover of a Billy Joel song.

A Song in My Heart by kellebelle:
When Tony Stark was four he became a piano prodigy. At 17 he is world
renowned, but he tries to maintain a separate identity when he joins a
band called The Avengers. Steve is in a band known as The Howling

The Wedding Singer by npeg: Steve and Bucky are attending Clint and Natasha’s
wedding. Tony is the wedding singer. The talented, incredibly
charismatic wedding singer. The plot twist? Steve can, and accidentally does, get drunk. This leads to the inevitable.expect drunk!Steve giggles, oodles of Tony!charm, adorbs Steve/Bucky friendship and buddybuddy chats, and a whole lot of smut!

A couple of Singer!Steve:

Augmented Fifth by @arukou-arukou:
The Pepper Pot has a new singer, and he and Tony have instant chemistry. Too bad that chemistry disappears a little on stage.

Free by Morethancupcake: “Steve reads, and the words dance in front of his eyes,
because while this used to be his dream, what he wanted, all he can
think about is how this Hell will soon become his full time life.”Steve
discovers fame, with fans waiting for him in the lobby and girls
passing him their numbers after the shows. It used to be what he wanted,
he supposes. Except his future managers keep asking more and more from
him, and he’s not sure his old life will survive. Tony is ready to help,
and compromise, but Steve maybe isn’t anymore.

I’m Not in Love (It’s Just a Silly Phase I’m Going Through) by firelord_zutara:
Tony Stark is most definitely not in love, nope definitely not.  But
Steve knows he is, knows how stubborn Tony can be, and takes measures
into his own hands.  Oh, and who knew Steve had a knack for music?

Trapped by @tonystarkssnipples: Creating music is Steve’s dream.Tony is willing to sacrifice a lot for that dream to come tru