Hello! Thank you for all your hard work! Do you have any fic recs that emphasize the relationship between Jarvis and Tony? I’ve read the bot fic recs but I was also hoping more of butler Jarvis too. Thank you again!

There are some great Jarvis & Tony fics, too.  I’m assuming you mean J.A.R.V.I.S and not Edwin Jarvis, though there are some wonderful ones with him, too. I really enjoyed writing him, to be honest.  These suggestions obviously focus more on the Stony aspect, but I’m sure there are a lot of fics with just sort of a look at Tony & Jarvis and their relationship, so if anyone has a fic they love or have written, please feel free to suggest it! Anyway, here you go:


It’s All About the Math by antigrav_vector:
Tony and JARVIS have a conversation; Tony designs, JARVIS handles the logistics.

JARVIS is the (Eventual) Solution to Everything by AngeNoir:
Peter and Wade come up with plans to teach Pops and Dad to stop having sex on every flat surface Jesus Christ you are full grown adults and I don’t want to see that at all!

Like Father, Like Son by jjournal:
JARVIS babysits Peter.

Rom-Commed by Fate (Or JARVIS) by leashy_bebes:
The best thing about being an Artificial Intelligence is the ability to
parse, filter and modify the things people say until you’ve got the
cause to do exactly what you wanted in the first place. Or, in which
JARVIS cock blocks Tony into having an actual relationship.

Oh, Jarvis by captainskellington:
Jarvis is just trying to help, Steve.

Urban Dictionary by KuroTintedHeart:
Steve’s staying with Tony, and discovers the website Urban Dictionary, which gives him a few /ideas/…

Safeword by melannen:
Tony Stark doesn’t need to be safe, sane, and consensual. He has JARVIS instead. (Then he gets Steve.)

(has some Steve/Tony/JARVIS)

“death by coffee” and other search queries by @goodmorningbeloved:
In which Steve’s feelings are hopelessly obvious through his Google searches. JARVIS decides to step in.

Breaking Jarvis by @winterstar95:
Steve thinks he broke JARVIS – Tony tries to figure it out. He learns more than he bargained for, though.

The Explosion of Coffee Makers (Is a Sign of My Love For You) by violetkisses: JARVIS is jealous of Captain Steve Rogers. And oh, there are exploding coffee makers.(Or the reasons why JARVIS dislikes Captain Steve Rogers and is so hell bent on cockblocking his creator)

For You, Sir, Always (The Fairy Godfather Remix) by @veldeia:
Unable to find a replacement for the toxic palladium core of his arc
reactor, Sir has gone into cryostasis to wait for a day when science has
advanced enough to provide a solution. While he is indisposed, it is my
all-important task to decide when that time has arrived, and to select
the person who shall bring him back to life.

Hiraeth by @xtaticpearl:
A one-shot where Tony tries to talk the SHRA through without resorting
to war and Steve discovers that there is still one person who Tony Stark
would do anything for. Even accept defeat. It just so happens that the
‘someone’ might be the one link that opens a new chapter in his
relationship with Tony. Also, Angie X Peggy.

System ID: J.A.R.V.I.S. by @cptxrogers:
It is exceedingly difficult to destroy a complex system which
iterates from very simple principles. If even one small part of the
system remains, it can rebuild itself.
After Civil War, Tony is struggling with heading up the team and
dealing with the emotional fallout of being betrayed by those closest to
him. Luckily, an old friend is back to help protect Tony and ensure he
comes to no harm.A Jarvis lives AU.