Non-Sexual Comfort After Nightmares

Non-Sexual Comfort After Nightmares

Hi, your recs keep me up at night! Do you have any with Steve/Tony comforting each other after nightmares? No hard sex after, if that is possible ❤

Comfort after nightmares? We can do that.  All non-E rated, just good, old-fashioned being helpful.


Never Alone by Tobezilla:
Even Captain America has rough days. Sometimes he needs a reminder that he’s not alone.

Sing Me To Sleep by ironhale:
Whenever Steve has nightmares, Tony sings him to sleep even if he’s halfway across the world.

Memorized by wanderseeing: “Steve?” “Yes, Tony?”“Where are we?” It’s 3am and Steve knows this script by heart.

and gentlemen, now abed by hotrodngold:
The insides of his head feel broken and disjointed, the world too close
and too rough, too- something, he doesn’t know, but it makes his teeth
ache and his chest hurt, a molten ball of lead and hot, searing pain
around the arc reactor.

Keep the monsters away by Notevenwinded:
Steve keeps having the same nightmares. Tony decides to do something about this despite Steve’s protest.

Till Human Voices Wake Us, and We Drown by @blossomsinthemist:
Tony still has nightmares, and it drives him crazy, because he should be
done with this, it should be over, but it’s not, and he can’t control
how they make him feel.  Luckily, Steve understands a little bit about
how that goes.  Established relationship.

See Your Face Again by alysonwonderland:
Steve has a panic attack and Tony is the only one there to comfort him/calm him down.

Bleeding Edges of the Mind by torianmist:
“He has nothing else to give. Nothing else they can take from him. Naked and raw, physically and emotionally. He gives up.”

Dreaming Awake by @laireshi:
“I don’t know what is real,” Steve whispers. “I only know I want this to be, Tony.”

Restful Sleep by Aloneindarknes7:
But after opening the drawer that normally held his workout shirts and
realizing it was empty, Steve came to the conclusion that his things
were missing.

you are tired (of things that break) by starkravingcap:
They both have nightmares, but sometimes, Steve’s are worse. Tony’s eyes
will flicker open in the middle of the night, and the sounds Steve
makes as he fights off the monsters make his heart speed up and his
palms sweat. He knows those noises like he knows his own voice. They’re
rough, broken noises. They’re the opposite of everything Steve is.

Breathing Deep by AngeNoir:
They had fallen asleep in a sprawl, Steve on his back, Tony half-on,
half-off Steve’s chest, twisted in a more diagonal position so that his
head was on a different pillow and his knees knocked against Steve’s
shins. And Steve was pretty sure he’d be fine, after the nightmare, he’d
be just fine, if he could just – breathe again.

Button Pushing by love_in_the_stars:
He intended on getting a glass of milk before heading up to bed. That
was the plan, anyway, before he found Tony sitting at the kitchen table
with a puzzled, sleepy expression and a metal box in his hands. A metal
box with a big red button.

I’m Getting Used to You by aPseudonym: A cough sounded behind him, and he whipped around so
fast he almost tripped. Catching his balance, Tony stood and glared at
Steve sitting on the couch, a hand over the reactor. “Jesus Christ, Rogers.”

Wake Up Call by viennasunrise:
Tony had been kidnapped and tortured in Afghanistan for three months
while Steve slept in the ice… It seems only fair (for some sick
reason) that Steve should lose some sleep over it now.

Irregular Sleeping Habits by missingnolovefic:
Sometimes Steve can’t sleep. Sometimes Tony is there.

“You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning…to cuddle?” by arielgryffinpuff:
Tony has a nightmare. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing when he turns up at Steve’s door in the Avengers Tower.

waking up to lights by theappleppielifestyle: Tony is awake, he woke up sometime between Steve
whimpering and Steve jerking out of his decade-old nightmares, and now
he’s still, sitting up in bed, one hand resting on the bed in the space
between them.“Steve,” Tony says, slow, calm, and Steve knows, yes, they’ve done
this a thousand times, with each of them at the nightmare end.

Dream of Ice and Wake Shivering by captainshellhead:
Steve accidentally hurts Tony when he wakes up from a nightmare. Tony isn’t going to let Steve make this about him, though.

Can You Feel My Heart Again by IndigoNight:
Tony has a nightmare and over reacts. The bots worry. And Steve is very stubborn.

Sensitivity by @ladyshadowdrake:
Steve wakes up hypersensitive from a nightmare and in need of comfort.

The Sounds of You Breathing by twilightscribe:
Tony doesn’t even have to wake up to make Steve feel better.

A Love Story in Five Panic Attacks by sahiya:
Steve and Tony help each other learn to breathe again.

(thanks to @sheronm for the suggestion!)