Wrong Numbers & Drunk Dials

Wrong Numbers & Drunk Dials

Are there any fics where they meet via wrong number? Through calls or texts or where texting is a major part of the story?

Such an adorable meet-cute trope, isn’t it? I’ll throw in some drunk dialing, too, for good measure.


Hello, This Is–Wait, What? by shrill_fangirl_screaming:
Tony should really make sure he memorizes everyone’s phone number
properly. Steve should really stop picking up wrong numbers. They’re a
match made in heaven.

Your Voice in My Ear by Renai_Chan:
How Tony and Steve get together through a series of phone calls.

Tony, No by kellebelle: Steve + drunk texting = enthusiastic billionaireOr how Steve found himself possibly engaged to a man named Tony he’s never met.

The Faster We’re Falling (Instead of Going Under) by loopyzoop:
Tony’s expelled, stuck in a public high school for the first time in his
life, knows no one, hates everything, and needs a coffee.Basically, everything sucks.Then he gets a text from a wrong number.

Tony Stark IT by Wix:
Steve is perplexed by modern technology when left on his own by SHIELD
and he calls a number that was given to him ‘for if he needs help’. He
figured it was just a help desk – Tony’s not too sure what to think.

Early Morning Calls by Tahlruil:
There’s nothing quite like getting yanked out of a dead sleep by a phone
call, especially when you don’t even know the person on the other end.
But when you’re as used to crazy as Steve, staying on the line doesn’t
seem like a bad idea at all.

Don’t forget the area code by canniballistics:
Pepper Potts has gone missing, and Steve’s phone is blowing up.

Unknown Caller (do not engage) by @gottalovev:
Steve had one job: exchange a couple of texts with a guy who thought he
had Natasha’s number, and let him down gently. It ends up being a lot
more complicated than that.

(not exactly a wrong number, but kind of?)

1-900-SOULMATE by SailorChibi: Later, Tony would maintain that it wasn’t his fault. He was drunk and bored (lonely) and it just… happened.Pepper would look at him and, in the driest tone that Tony had ever heard, remark that he was the only person in the history of the world who would stumble across their soulmate while drunk dialing a phone sex line.

Drunk Dialing the Capsicle by thescarletwoman:
[Drabble] Tony gets very, very drunk and Steve Rogers is on the
receiving end of a late night phone call. One man thinks he’s hilarious
– the other is so not amused.