Steve & Tony are kids together (not deaged)

Steve & Tony are kids together (not deaged)

God, I love you and your endless recs that keep me warm during lonely nights! Still, I am sure I haven’t seen anything like this: can you please rec some fics, where both Steve and Tony are kids? By “kids” I mean kinda 7 to 14. Would be especially glad if you know some, where both of them grow up before the war. Maybe, some adventures of shy lovely Tony in once clean expensive clothes and small, but bossy Steve with brooklyn accent and no manners? Tom Sawyer-like. And any others too, pls!

I wish I had more recs for you, but I honestly don’t know of many that aren’t de-aged sort of stories.  Let’s see…here’s a few that you might enjoy, though.


Don’t Marry Someone You Met When You Were Still in Diapers by @sarahhbe:
Maria watches her son grow up and his friendship with Steve Rogers become something more.

The Holy Glimmers of Goodbyes by wolfstarheart: AU where Tony and Steve grow up together in the 30s and
40s, along the way managing to be friends, lovers, strangers, and
soulmates.**Not necessarily in that order. Also includes:
boarding school shenanigans, mac and cheese, drama (but vintage!), and
Steve and Tony being the dramatic idiots they are.

in the line of fire by colourexplosion: The important ones always come back.ORA non-powered AU in which Tony and Steve are friends from a very young age and grow up together.

Bonds Unbroken by @winterstar95:
Steve and Tony grow up knowing one another and they discover they are
meant for greater things and each other. There’s only one problem,
everything and everyone keeps tearing them apart.

Second Childhood by navaan:
Steve and Tony get de-aged and it brings some problems, but maybe it gives them to chance to start over.

Lost at Sea by MangoMartini: Please be aware that as of 6/9/15 this fic has been updated and heavily revised. Steve and Tony grow up down the street from each other, but even that doesn’t make things any easier. Originally
written for starspangledsprocket’s prompt: Tony is actually really
reserved around people he genuinely cares about. This causes Steve to
believe his affection for Tony is unrequited.

if we ever meet again by theappleppielifestyle:
“It’s been two months,” Steve says, voice low. “Rhodey- Colonel. It’s been two months.”

(more of a childhood sweethearts meet again thing)

Killing Me Softly (With His Song) by @itsallavengers: Steve is Tony’s whole world. Tony couldn’t imagine life without him. They’ve grown up together, after all.Steve gets cancer.

The Apple Tree by Pearl_Unplanned:
When his best friend moved away years ago, it left a hole in Tony’s
heart that he could never tell anyone about. After all, only two people
knew what happened in that meadow on the last day of Summer, fifteen
years ago.