Awkward Sexual Situations

Awkward Sexual Situations

do you know any a/b/o fics where steve and tony have sex but don’t worry about the location so they end up in an uncomfortable position while they’re knotted (for example in the bathtub)?

I don’t actually know that many with A/B/O, but there are some awkward sexual situation fics that are hilarious, so I’m going to suggest those and hope you enjoy them. There is already a bathtub and shower sex list, so check that out, too. If anyone has suggestions for Anon, please feel free to add them.


All Tied Up With Nowhere to Go by @laglemon:
Steve and Tony are captured after a battle.  Their captors try to keep
them from escaping by taping them together… naked.  Sexy-time ensues.

Tied to You by @stark-spangled-lovers:
What does it take for Steve and Tony to get over their insecurities and
denial? Being kidnapped and tied up together. Naked. Obviously.

Stuck with You (Seriously?) by Jaune_Chat: Steve and Tony are drugged, captured, and wake up in a very compromising position.  There’s really only one way out.  Sex.In other news, Tony thinks the Avengers need better villains.  😉

Everything You Desire by @cptxrogers: After a run-in with an unfamiliar villain, Steve ends up tied up and left with a vibrator up his ass.This is not the kind of battle he was expecting. Just as well Tony is there to help him out.

Slap you on the back and say “Please” by scribblywobblytimeylimey: The attack comes unexpectedly, in the middle of a meeting and without his suit.He manages fine – he’s not a child – and, alright, he had a bit of help. But then the roof decides to go and collapse on him.Good thing Steve was there to jump on top of him before the ceiling did.Only
thing is: now, they’re kind of stuck. And while Steve is visibly
displeased with the situation, certain parts of him disagree with that
consensus.It’s almost impossible not to have a long, hard think
about your sexuality when you’ve got an aroused super-soldier pinned on
top of you for an indeterminate length of time. Especially if he’s
admitting his boner is not exactly coincidental.

we might need a bandaid by @tari-aldarion: Steve paled and got off the bed hurriedly, running to the bathroom. “Where the fuck are you going?”“Getting a bandaid!” Steve yelled from the other room.Tony groaned and flopped back against the pillows. “Why,” he asked the ceiling, “why today. Why.”Steve came back into the room holding a box of Star Wars bandaids.
Tony raised an eyebrow and Steve rolled his eyes. “Bucky bought them.”