Tony & Clint Friendship

Tony & Clint Friendship

Do you have any stony fics showing tony and clint’s friendship??

There are a good number of fics with all the Avengers being good friends with Tony, but for Clint specifically, I’d suggest these that feature Clint being a good bro.  Clint is definitely Team Stony!  Enjoy!


Sweethearts by Raikishi:
Clint is going to be the best uncle.

Drunk Science (Is the Best Science) by Pearl_Unplanned: Clint had been a bit worried that he’d only really
connect with the Avengers, and their funder, Mr. Tony Stark, wouldn’t
want a thing to do with them, other than tote them around like trophies.He couldn’t have been happier that he was wrong.
“I still don’t think you’ll be able ta do it,” Clint slurred, leaning
against the side of the machine. Okay, so he was a little drunk. And
maybe he’d made Tony a bit of a bet, but that was beside the point.“Of
course I will,” Tony said, giving him a look that was probably supposed
to be prideful, but it looked so strange to Clint that he couldn’t hold
back the giggles that erupted from him. Okay, so maybe he was a bit
more than ‘a little drunk.’They’d been doing this a lot—getting
drunk together, that is, and working in the lab. Now, neither was
ignorant to the fact that it wasn’t safe, but it was just too much fun
to get drunk and create something epic that they wouldn’t even remember
in the morning, so that when they did test it out, it would be a bit of a surprise.

Just Hold Me Baby and I’m in Ecstasy by mitochondrials:
When Steve strokes Tony’s head to check his temperature, Tony panics.
But it’s okay because Clint is here to save the day; and oh yeah, get
together snuggling.

Are You Okay? by TheAllMagicalCreature:
Tony has an accident. When he wakes up, everything is silent.

Sweet Nothings and Sweet Dreams by Akira_of_the_Twilight: Tony had just been trying to sleep when Clint decided to be a jerk and wake Tony with his voice.Clint could be ignored though.What couldn’t be ignored? Steve saying: “It is a nice metal ass.”

Rubber Band Man by Chippita13:
Tony is just trying to work on his latest project. Clint has other plans.

Operation: Knuckleheads by @festiveferret:
Bucky is enjoying his new, post-Winter Soldier life at Avengers Tower,
until he discovers that the constant tension between Steve and Tony was
caused by a recent (and mysterious) breakup. Determined to make his
friends happy, Bucky gives himself a new mission: figure out what went
wrong, and get these two idiots in love back together again.

Through the Window by megamazing: Clint’s plans get turned upside down twice in one day,
Tony is having a completely rational freak-out, but Steve would just
like to get a word or two out, that’s all.Or, the story where a
witch screws with Tony, Tony makes a surprise visit to Bed-Stuy, Clint
is a good bro who deserves compensation, and there is no plot at all.
It’s all crack, fluff, and jokes around here.

Maybe Just a Few Nice Things by HermioneJeanWayne:
Steve loves Tony. Tony loves Steve. Of course, neither of them knows how
the other feels. Clint (and everyone else) is getting real tired of the
two of them and their shocking inability to get their heads out of
their asses. Who knew all it took was a few little rugrats running
around to get those two to finally have a meaningful conversation?
Eventually, that is. After all, the course of true love never did run
smooth, and meaningful conversations are hard to come by when there are
interruptions all the damn time.

You Need to Go (But Stay) by InesStarkDowney:
So Tony is in a hospital bed again (no surprise there, let’s be honest)
because he keeps risking his life over and over again. Steve is honestly
done with it, but no matter how mad he is (oh, he is mad, really), he
stays around, and spends hours by Tony’s side. Of course it’s not just
spending hours by Tony’s side. There has to be more. And apparently it’s
Clint that makes them both see that. Did you thought bird boy didn’t
see it as clear as it was?

Boys Like Us by Naferty: The video had been a mistake. One of the biggest
mistakes he had ever done in his life, and considering Tony Stark had
done a bunch of shit in his younger years, and even older years, that
was saying something.It was just that none of those things were as embarrassing as that video.He blamed Clint for everything

Strength is a Gift (So Are My Good Looks) by snarkstark:
“Strength is a gift.” Steve reminded him. Tony wasn’t listening to any
of his heart-of-gold-mindset trash. “So are my good looks.” He retorted
with a smirk. The billionaire was so not going to lose this arm wrestle.

Unfeeling by whitchry9:
“Have you heard of CIPA?”
Despite not being able to feel pain. Tony
manages to get himself both a broken arm, and a broken heart, both
courtesy of Steve. Which he can never ever know about.

5 Times Clint Barton Broke Into Stark Tower by VeryImportantDemon:
… and the One Time Tony Turned Around and Gave That Deaf-Ass Archer a Taste of His Own Medicine.