Anal Gaping with Bottom Tony

Anal Gaping with Bottom Tony

Do you have any anal gaping recs? Or if not that maybe fics focused on anal play, preferably receiving Tony please, thank you muchly

Hardly fair that you get to be on Anon, and I have to admit to knowing all of these. Nevertheless, I have no shame, so enjoy!


Paging Doctor Rogers by orphan_account:
In order to be forgiven, Tony must submit to Steve’s “medical expertise.”

A Brighter Word than Bright by @blossomsinthemist:
“S’okay, Steve,” Tony finally remembered how to slur out.  “Just … just feels like a lot.”

“It is a lot, sweetheart,” Steve murmured, his fingers delving
even deeper into Tony.  “You’re stretching open really nice for it,
though. You’re real good and relaxed, aren’t you?”
Written for Day Twenty-Four of Kinktober: Fisting.

Let Me Take You Higher by @blossomsinthemist:
“Good,” Steve said, and squeezed him gently around the waist.  “I guess we should see about having an actual shower, huh?”

“It might be a good idea,” Tony allowed, smiling a little.  It felt loose and warm and wide on his face.
Written for Day Twenty-One of Kinktober: Shower/Bath.

No Because, No Reason, No Explanation, No Solution by @blossomsinthemist:
He let his hands rest, warmly, on Steve’s shoulders, against his
neck.  “I just want you to fuck me, soldier,” he managed to get out,
breathy.  “I want you to fuck me, yes, in my ass, and not stop.  Again
and again, until it’s out of your system.”
Steve and Tony and a marathon sex encounter.  That’s it, that’s the fic.

Reddest Rose by orphan_account:
After Steve refuses to tell Tony what’s on his mind, he looks through
Steve’s sketchbook for answers. What Tony finds surprises him, but he
shows Steve just how much he loves and trusts him by giving his secret a

Borderline by nix_this:
Sex. With feelings. Also, fisting.

Drawing the Line by Sparcina: That was the only warning Steve got before the doors
slid open. Urgency creeping up his spine, he ran towards the bedroom,
picturing Tony on the floor, unconscious and bleeding out. But it hadn’t
seemed so bad, back in the meeting room. And wouldn’t have Jarvis
called them if something was amiss?“Ton… oh.”His jaw
dropped. Tony hadn’t noticed him yet; he was too busy being fist-fucked
by the Suit. A Suit that was painted blue, white and red.