April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day

Happy April Fool’s Day!  I thought I’d rec some fics featuring that theme or the idea of jokes or pranks.  That’s about as close to an April Fool’s Day prank as I want to get, so I hope you enjoy!


Gotcha? by screamingarrows: Steve’s not sure how it escalated this far. Honestly he isn’t. It was- it was just supposed to be a joke.In which Steve doesn’t know what qualifies a bad prank and basically ruins the day.

(April) Fools Day by KillJoy998: The one in which Tony hacks into SHIELD to mess with everyone’s passwords as a joke.

The Bold & the Restless by @shetlandowl

In feudal England, the wealthy lords & assorted gentry occasionally entertained themselves by pranking their neighbors. Lord Steve was no different, if not wilier than most.

Prank Wars are a Health Hazard by Heartithateyou:

Clint and Tony are in the middle of a prank war, but Clint should know better than to try and sneak into Tony’s room. Especially when he finds something he never would have expected.

Pranking the Prankster by Heartithateyou:Clint decides to pull a prank on Tony.He’s the one who ends up getting a surprise.

Tony Stark Needs an Alibi by Heartithateyou: 

One of Tony’s pranks goes terribly wrong so he needs an alibi and Steve gets more than he bargained for.

Sweet Smell of Love by Addison: 

Rhodey’s prank has some unexpected consequences

April Fool’s by PalauMaggot: 

The perfect April Fool’s day prank consists of three parts.
Part one – The perfect partner
Part two – Acting skills
Part three – Falling for the con yourself


April Fools Day Silliness by BlazeStarkRogers: “Tony.“ Tony immediately stopped laughing and turned around, nervous look on his face.”April fools day?” Steve still had that deadly look in his eye.“Oh come on Steve, it was funny!” Steve raised an eyebrow at him.“Tony.”“Yes dear?”“Run.”“Yes dear.” and he ran.

Walk a Mile by Pearl_Unplanned: 

During a prank war between Tony and Clint, one of Tony’s ‘pranks’ backfires, and he and Steve end up bodyswapped.

Purple Monkey Dishwasher by @robintcj

And it’s not that Steve doesn’t want their friends to know. It’s not even that he doesn’t want the world to know. He’s proud of his relationship with Tony. He likes Tony.

The Art of Prank Flirting by fadedlullabyes:

When Tony Stark is sharing a classroom with Steve Rogers, it can only end in disaster. He finds himself in a prank war with a stubborn art teacher and doesn’t know how to best him.

Clippy Says, ‘How You Doin’?’ by TheVoiceofWrath: 

Tony is bored and Steve’s an easy target for technological pranks. Or technological flirting, depending on one’s point of view. Set in some nebulous time period where Tony has Extremis, but everything is happy.

Big Boy Toys by extantecstasy: 

Steve finally gets fed up with Tony’s juvenile pranks. When Tony models for a sex toy, Steve seizes the opportunity. Or, it seizes him.

When I think about you by sirona: 

Five times someone saw Steve sass the hell out of Tony and one time Tony finally bought a clue. Also known as the story of Captain Sasspants more than handling his own with Tony Stark at his most devious.

Hack Interrupted by Quaxo: This time of year there is always some punk from one of the /other/ colleges trying to make a name for themselves.Wherein Steve is a Harvard Man and Tony is a Beaver.Hack: MIT slang for prank.

A robotic intervention and a childish retaliation by ItWasNotMe: 

Tony wiggled his eyebrow while typing in a short command and suddenly the work shop was filled with some music of…Alvin and the chipmunks? What the fuck! “I’m too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it huuurts..” Boomed out from the speakers. “I will kill Barton, taser be damned!” Tony declared when he finally got the music to shut up. “Steve?…Stop laughing Steve!

The 5 + 1 Times Tony Stark Sang for Steve Rogers by jacobby: Clint pulls a harmless prank on newly proclaimed couple Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Little did he know that his plan will completely backfire and will probably haunt him for the rest of his life.AKA The five times Tony Stark sang to make Steve blush and to annoy Clint and the one time Tony just sang for Steve.

Pranksters Get It All by @xtaticpearl

…or the four times Tony got re-pranked because of Rhodey and the one time he actually didn’t mind.

Instant Date Prank by Aria_Lerendeair: 

Tony has a plan! Admittedly, not a very good plan, but Steve is oblivious still and he is getting to desperate. Time for a little improvisation.

Just a Prank by awesome_goddess_of_mischief: Tony has been feeling like shit ever since Ultron happened.A prank is played at the wrong time during a Bad Day.Clint and Thor really messed up.

Getting It Out of their Systems by Aloneindarknes7: 

It had started with a joke, a side comment he had made to Natasha one day about the tension between Stark and Rogers.

Par for the Course by TenSpencerReidPlease: “So, to be clear here, you’re trolling everyone in the art world with a blatantly pretentious painting and no one has caught on?” Tony asks.“Basically,” Steve says, “this started as a joke between my friends and I. I had no idea that this painting was going to be on sale for an outrageous amount of money.”

All that Gitters (Is Definitely Gold) by capsicleonyourleft: 

For pensversusswords’ headcanon: “Tony keeps buying Steve tacky sweatpants that have words like “juicy” and “hot stuff” across the ass as a joke but Steve just takes it in stride and wears them all the time.”

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