Rape & Non-Con Roleplay

Rape & Non-Con Roleplay

yO uh..,,,,,, i got a weird request;;;; do you kno of any fic recs where tony is raped/non-con play/fantasy?

There are a couple of these, so don’t think you’re the only one!  One is even weirder than your ask would imply, so no judgment! Here you go, Anon:

For Tony:

Take it to the Hole by orphan_account: Arc Reactor Hole Sex. Yep.(Marked as rape/non-con because of rape fantasy; Tony does not actually get raped.)

Playing Rough by valtyr:
Where (616) Tony and Steve stop being dumb and get together. Steve wants
to be extra gentle with Tony after witnessing what the other one did to
the other Tony, but is horrified to find that Tony was kind of
unwillingly turned on by watching. He’s even more horrified after Tony
convinces him to roleplay non-con with him and realizes that it turns
him on too.“

Sorry About the Carpet by AdamantSteve:
Tony convinces Steve to fantasy role-play a rape scene with him, but Thor overhears and gets entirely the wrong idea.

Footsteps by ifitwasribald:
Shameless porn.  Now with even less plot.

Stony Kinks by CapIron90: rape fantasy

So Much That I Wanna Do by @chibisquirt: Steve wants Tony, but Tony has a boyfriend.  Then Tony’s boyfriend talks him into a Public Use fantasy, and it’s a little too tempting for Steve to resist.  Based on this prompt:  Tony is left out for public use, Steve takes his turn. (Public use fantasy and not rape, but sort of the same idea…does include some Tony/Other, but it is incredibly well written)

For Steve:

Tommorow It’s Ransome…or Torture! by Muccamukk:
Tony’s thinking dirty thoughts, unfortunately they’re not quite dirty
enough for Steve. Or, the time Steve talked Tony into playing Rudolph
Valentino to his Vilma Bánky and getting a little afternoon ravishing

Use Me by Oversoul159 (WiP):Steve wanted to be used. He wanted to be treated
like the worthless cum dumpster he knew he really was. He wanted to be
bent over and taken, even against his protests, just because his
boyfriend had a hard on that needed to be taken care of. He wanted
serious conversations interrupted mid word because he’d been taken by
the hair and shoved down onto a hard cock, his boyfriend considering
cock sucking a better use of his mouth.

Why Tony Stark is Not a Therapist: A Case Study by trill_gutterbug: “I liked it, okay? I got screwed in the ass by my uncle
when I was eleven, and I fucking liked it!” Steve said, vicious and
haughty, and then burst into tears.GREAT BIG TRIGGER WARNINGS FOR GRAPHIC DISCUSSION OF CHILD ABUSE (as you might expect from that summary).

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