do you know know any fics with knotting!kink? or just some that kind of focus on knotting? thank you so much for this accout by the way!! you are a gift to this fandom!

Definitely check out the A/B/O recs.  Lots there feature knotting. Also, Omega Tony and Omega Steve recs. But, here are some specifically with knotting. Enjoy!


Accidentally in Lust by Professor_Fluffy:
Kink Request Fill:Alpha/Omega with Knotting & Sex Pollen

The Issues of Submitting (series) by fadedlullabyes: Steve has always had issues submitting to Alphas. Even when he
didn’t have the serum. When he undergoes Project Rebirth, he’s able to
hide the fact he’s an Omega easily. When he wakes up in the future,
there’s a glorious pill called a suppressant and he’d never been
happier. But when the Avengers are captured, Hammer is able to
get his hands on some very classified information and intends to force a
bond on Steve. With no other option, Steve has to mate with a team
member or else be stuck in a bond with Hammer.

Cornered by Goda:
For the prompt: A/B/O AU (but where Alphas/Betas/Omegas have equal
rights and there is no obvious prejudice). Tony is Steve’s Omega. Newly
mated pairs experience feelings of possessiveness, protectiveness and
horniness. But the serum enhances it. Cue Steve trying to keep Tony
locked up in his room protected by his shield while being embarrassed
about the whole situation, and Tony being amused by it.

Fall in Ecstasy by @51st:
There were…things on the internet. Most of them, well, made Steve
realize that though people today seemed to be more accepting of
differences, being an Omega or an Alpha wasn’t something you talked
about unless you started up a website and made people give you their
credit card number first.

Not Submitting to You by Skydiver_Tomyo: Tony, one of two Alpha’s on the team is well aware of
how well he’d go with Steve, the other Alpha, but he doesn’t want to go
that far. Steve on the other hand, has other ideas.It’s just porn really.

Knot Me Up by Skydiver_Tomyo:
Tony goes into heat, and as an Omega aniuman, that’s a bit of a worry,
except, Steve is an Alpha aniuman, even if he isn’t aware of it.. and
they are compatible.
Smut ensues and Stony happens!

Aftercare by Jay Tryfanstone:
Tony’s an equal opportunity alpha, but Steve’s from a different generation. Worlds collide.

Fantasy by Jaune_chat:
Steve has a fantasy, a very private alpha’s fantasy…

(technically fantasy knotting)

White Lace, Red Ribbons and Gold Rings by Agent C: It’s a few days before Tony’s heat. Steve took time off
early to prepare the house for his omega’s on-coming heat. However,
Tony seems to have other plans for them. (Or: pre-heat sex on the dining room table because of reasons + Tony with a corset piercing)

Closer (I need you so much closer) by downuptime: Tony Stark was pretty sure he was the luckiest man in
the whole wide world. First, his dad. Then Afghanistan. Obi. Then the
palladium poisoning thing. Pepper breaking up with him. And now,
he was stuck under a building with Captain America of all people. His
childhood crush, who thought he was an immature, reckless idiot with no
regard for anyone except himself. To be exact, they were four levels underground in the garage of a building ninety stories high. Which had collapsed. Oh, and he was going into heat. Perfect.

Control by StarkRogers135:
This is hardly a summary! XD I have no life so I just write smut and Omegaverse because why the fuck not! Ehehehe.

And the aptly named MIT Smut Interlude and Tony in Lingerie CN Porn ficlets by sabrecmc.

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