Mind Control and Brainwashing

Mind Control and Brainwashing

Thank you for all of your hard work on finding all of these amazing stories! I was going through the brainwashing masterpost and I was wondering if you have read any new stories where Tony has been brainwashed?



The original post with Mind Control/Brainwashing recs is here.

The only new one I can think of is this:

Outbreak by @a-salty-alto: This was supposed to be easy. It was suppose to be simple.They just had to bring in Tony and the others to SHIELD.Steve would have been fine. He’d have just pretended Tony hadn’t been on his mind the entire time they were apart.Pretend
it wasn’t like being dunked head first into the ice again when he
realized that Tony had cared more about Arsenal than the team. Than
Steve.Yeah, things would have been real simple.

Anyone have other suggestions?

Thanks for the rec! I do know of a couple other fics that deal with mind control/brainwashing.

Red by @festiveferret

Part of him wanted to remember what horrible thing he’d done. Part of him was deeply grateful that he couldn’t.

Won’t Let It Take You From Me by @navaanwrites

Tony is injected with the Zemo formula and things don’t look good, but Steve doesn’t want to give up on him.

After the Outbreak by @navaanwrites

Tony wakes up in a hospital bed

I also wrote “I Want To See You Again (Not Like This)” which is a mind control fic.

Thanks for the additions!  I remembered another one (finally, it had been bugging me):

Below the Belt by cookinguptales:

Every organization has team trust-building exercises. Even terrorists.

A/N: Written for valtyr’s prompt “Established relationship fic; Tony
gets captured by villains, and either through accidental injury or
villainous design, gets amnesia. His captors convince him he’s a
villain, too, and their comrade, and he believes them. He then
double-crosses them, takes over the villainous operation and runs it
with great efficiency. The Avengers are trying to retrieve him without
causing a huge public fuss, as it’s really embarrassing; they discover
Villain Tony has a taste for attractive blond guys. I think you see
where this is going.” I don’t think this is exactly what you were asking
for, but I hope you still love it! Happy holidays!