Tony &/or Steve Are Spies

Tony &/or Steve Are Spies

Hi! Do you have any recs for spy!Tony?

I can’t say I know many of these, but here are some suggestions!  Some are Spy!Tony, some are Spy!Steve and Tony getting involved and some are both.  Enjoy!

No, Mr. Stark, I Expect You to Die by @cptxrogers:
The one where Steve is an evil mastermind and Tony is the secret agent
sent on a mission to kill him. That’s not quite how it ends up going

War At Home (A Tony Stark Adventure Featuring Iron Man & Pepper) by navaan:
The war is on, but Europe is far away. Nazi spies have found their way
to New York City and are making trouble. Most of all though they are
after their sworn enemy, Tony Stark. Pepper is going through some
special training at a secret army training camp, so they’ll finally be
allowed to join the action. Meanwhile Tony is playing a dangerous game,
to draw out his enemies. But his enemies aren’t the only ones watching.

Manhattan Double Bluff by @captainneverever:
In 1952, Tony Stark is at the top of his world and life couldn’t be
better. Then he crosses paths with Steve Rogers, a mysterious World War
II vet, and events spiral out of his control.

My Known Unknown by @shetlandowl:
That True Lies AU nobody asked for, set in a world where Stane Inc is
the world’s foremost weapons manufacturer, and Tony’s employer.

Falling Sky: An Introduction by IronVixen:
In which 007!Steve meets his new quartermaster and Q!Tony meets his
infamous agent. They’re both pretty unimpressed with each other.

Hide and Seek by @msermesth:
When Tony had volunteered to spy on Steve, he justified it by saying
that he had the best chance to do so undetected. They needed to learn
about their enemy and pick up any leads about the Cosmic Cube shards. In
reality, all Tony was doing was participating in some elaborate
self-punishment for not stopping this nightmare.

Only a Mission by mscerisier:
It was the perfect love story, the cute first meeting in a little café,
Steve dropping his coffee in his shirt, apologizing shyly and offering
to pay the dry laundry.


Nobody Else But Me by Amonae: Iron Man and the Captain have been side-stepping each
other at every turn, a villain and spy locked in a constant samba. But
SHIELD is growing impatient, and Iron Man is losing face in the eyes of
his men–both Steve and Tony find themselves in too deep before even
realizing the stakes.A spy AU based on the music video “Genghis Khan” by Miike Snow. Done for the 2016 Cap-IM RBB. (spy!Steve)