Brainwashed Tony

Brainwashed Tony

Thank you for all of your hard work on finding all of these amazing stories! I was going through the brainwashing masterpost and I was wondering if you have read any new stories where Tony has been brainwashed?

The original post with Mind Control/Brainwashing recs is here.

The only new one I can think of is this:

Outbreak by @a-salty-alto: This was supposed to be easy. It was suppose to be simple.They just had to bring in Tony and the others to SHIELD.Steve would have been fine. He’d have just pretended Tony hadn’t been on his mind the entire time they were apart.Pretend
it wasn’t like being dunked head first into the ice again when he
realized that Tony had cared more about Arsenal than the team. Than
Steve.Yeah, things would have been real simple.

Anyone have other suggestions?

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