Sorcerer Tony

Sorcerer Tony

Heya! As always, thanks for the amazing recs. Do you have any Sorcerer Tony recs, please? ( So sorry if I overlooked this entry on your master posts!)

There aren’t many Sorcerer!Tony fics that I know of, but here are some to get you started.


Engineering Miracles by @laireshi: The Infinity Gems reappearing is really the sort of
thing a Sorcerer Supreme should investigate, and if it involves crossing
universes, so much the better. Maybe Tony will finally find an
alternate self who hasn’t made a complete ruin of his life.And then Sorcerer Supreme Tony Stark finds himself on Earth-616.

The Monsters Are Here (The Monsters Are Me) by Essie:
Ten years after the final incursion, Tony Stark is Sorcerer Supreme,
Doctor Doom is trying to enslave the world and Steve Rogers just wants
to be left alone.

Goodbye to Yesterday by Penumbren:
On Earth-9810,
Sorcerer Supreme Tony Stark investigates an alien energy disturbance,
runs into a group of friendly superheroes, and discovers a living
legend. Then the villains of the piece show up for revenge and try to
take what they consider theirs.

Evil Magic by @kurowrites:
Tony is an evil sorcerer, Steve is a knight that has come to vanquish him. Things don’t quite work out as planned.

Knight of Wands by @sineala: Steve has reigned as king for ten years, and in a few
days peace will finally come to his kingdom. Representatives of the Kree
Empire are soon to arrive for the negotiations that will end the war
between them once and for all. Steve is looking forward to settling
down, with his hand-picked Avengers at his side – led, of course, by
the masked knight Iron Man – and also his trusted advisors, the most
beloved of whom is Tony, his court magician, the most powerful mage in
all the land. But when Steve’s life is endangered, Tony makes the greatest
sacrifice of all to protect his king, a sacrifice far greater than his
life. And when Tony disappears under mysterious circumstances, Steve
learns that even his closest friends keep secrets that he could never
have suspected.

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