Featuring Good Guy Nick Fury

Featuring Good Guy Nick Fury

Love your recs!! Okay so I think the character of Nick Fury is a really interesting one. Do you know of any fics where he is particularly central/important to the story? Also ones where Fury isn’t all that bad and actually turns out to be a decent guy to the Avengers/Tony/Steve and helps then figure out themselves.

You know, I don’t actually know that many that feature Nick in a huge role. He sort of pops in, does his thing and pops out, you know?  I’ll try to throw out some suggestions, but hopefully others can chime in with more.


Badass Blues by AnonEhouse:
Nick Fury is a Badass. But he can’t help missing the interaction he used
to have with the Avengers. They’re a team, and he’s… you know, not.

I Want To Know What Love Is by Impala_Chick: Avengers Academy gets seriously damaged, and Nick Fury
is absolutely certain of one thing – someone is going to have to be
punished. Being a good spy, he attempts to figure out just what happened
first before doling out punishment. It turns out, Steve and Tony have
some issues to work out. Knowledge of Avengers Academy not required to read this (but a couple of the jokes might not make sense).

5 Times Fury Saw Something on Security He Really Didn’t Want To by lilsmartass, ramsay_baggins:
Just as the title describes

Nick Fury’s Memos (series) by OnlyTheBeginning:
Sometimes Tony does things that he doesn’t exactly think through. If he
did he wouldn’t be sleeping on the couch, Steve wouldn’t be furious with
him, and Fury wouldn’t write as many S.H.I.E.L.D. memos as he does.

Operation Snuggle Bear by Midorisakura:
Nothing can get through Nick Fury’s tough, outer exterior, and that’s
how he likes it.  (Or, where Fury gets his very own snuggle bear, and
doesn’t kill Stark.)