Coming Out Publicly as a Couple

Coming Out Publicly as a Couple

Hi, I don’t see it on your (amazeballs!) rec list collection, but do you know any good “coming out to the public as a couple” fics?

There are some Media recs and some Social Media recs where coming out publicly plays a part in some of those fics.  Here are a couple of other suggestions:


You Can’t Believe Everything You Read by Heartithateyou: Steve is fed up with all of the lies that are printed about Tony.So he decides to take matters into his own hands.

God Bless Booty Shorts by Heartithateyou: None of the Avengers realized that Steve was bisexual until he bumped into Tony in the middle of Pride Parade.Steve was wearing a brightly multicolored crop top, booty shorts and socks past his thighs.Tony’s hair had been dyed blue, purple, and pink, and had a flag draped over his shoulders.There was a lot of sputtering and explaining going on.

We didn’t mean to tell the world.. by Babelfishmouse:
Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have been dating for a while now, and the
whole world knows. The oddity was, they never actually told anyone, as a
matter of fact. But this tells of how, nevertheless, everyone, (except
SHIELD) found out.

Give All My Secrets Away by extremiss:
Tony has an important thing to share with the media and his friends are there to support him. Stony fluff.

Words by Nix (CrimsonQuills):
The press get a hold of a hint of Tony and Steve’s private life (300 words). Written for likeadeuce’s prompt “circus”.

#supergays #avengersgate by AgeofAlejandro: Sweetie Sarah @sweetsweetsarah OMG! Captain America & Iron Man are so cute! #cute #avengers #gay #captainamerica #ironmanAnd this, ladies and gentlemen, is how Steve and Tony are outed. Web 2.0 America reacts.