Steve Only Benches Tony, But Tony Thinks He’s Off the Team

Steve Only Benches Tony, But Tony Thinks He’s Off the Team

I love your blog! Thank you so much for all the work you do posting all these amazing recs. Do you know of any stories where Tony is grounded by Steve (or Steve unsuccessfully attempts to ground Tony) because of injuries, Tony not following orders, or once Steve finds out Tony is Iron Man? Alternatively, stories where Tony thinks he’s being grounded or kicked off team b/c Steve doesn’t like him, but it’s a misunderstanding?

There are a lot of fics where it is mentioned that Tony has this fear, but it is hard to remember specifically since it isn’t usually a big enough plot point to be in the tags or description.  However, here are a few that are kind of along those lines.  You should also check out the Tony is Hurt and Hiding It recs. If anyone has other suggestions, please add them in the comments!


No Dawn, No Day by lieweaver:
Prompt: “Steve thinks that he and Tony are in a healthy, romantic
relationship. Tony thinks if he doesn’t do what Steve wants, he’ll get
kicked off the team.” (mind the tags)

Take a Sharp Right At the Bottom of the Bottle by @festiveferret:
“I’m off the team, right? Just say it. Please.”

Unintentional Modeling by AvengingFan:
Tony is upset that he is being grounded from missions. Yes, he disobeyed
orders, but it wasn’t his fault. It was Steve’s. So, when he tries to
argue with said blonde, he is surprised to become a model?

things unsaid  by @laireshi:
“Good bye, Commander,” Tony said and walked out.

More Than Blood and Bone by MountainRose, szzzt:
He turned his head, getting his nose right up in the scrap of
cloth draped over his chin and shoulder and inhaling the scents of team.
Mostly Steve; this was the handkerchief he carried in an inner pocket,
reeking of his exhausted sweat but not of pain, reassuring Tony that he
was basically whole and uninjured. There were traces of the rest of the
team too, that the medic would have collected on their rounds before
tucking the cloth into the gurney with Tony. Tony inhaled again and felt
himself relaxing. Everyone was okay, battered adrenaline-sharp and
weary after battle but okay. So much better than waking up in the suit
smelling nothing but his own pain.
A tough battle leaves Iron Man injured and grounded. Luckily the
Avengers are a strong pack, even with half their lead pair down, and
pulling them tighter will help their omega recover; it’s a virtuous
cycle Tony never thought he’d be lucky enough to be part of.

Of Conference Rooms and (Not so) Secret Kisses by poetsandzombies:
Steve tells Tony Fury wants him off the team. Tony asks why.