Others think Steve & Tony are Dating, but They’re Not

Others think Steve & Tony are Dating, but They’re Not

Do you have any recommendations where steve and tony adore each other so much other people think they’re dating but they’re really not? mostly fluff but some angst fics are welcome too! thanks

I can only think of a couple, but here you go…


Delurking by garrideb:
Some of the Avengers misinterpret Steve and Tony’s actions, and assume they’re dating. Meanwhile, aliens are visiting Earth.

Hindsight is 20/20 by TeddyLaCroix:
Everybody says they’re dating. They say they’re not. Then again,
sometimes you miss the most obvious signs when you’re the ones sitting
in the cockpit

The Not-At-All-Wed Game by trainthief:
Most of the time being a superhero means action and adventure. Some of
the time it means downtime and boredom. Which means bets. Which, when
you’ve banned every other competitive game from the house because one of
you is The Hulk, means you play the Newlywed Game. You know how it is.

And then these are where one of them thinks they are dating:

We’re Dating by Whothefuckyduckyisbucky:
Tony thinks they’re dating. They totally are. Someone should tell Steve.Set
after The avengers movie. In the 1940’s male friendships were a lot
more affectionate, so Steve doesn’t always get that the affection Tony
shows him isn’t platonic.

Number Four by AssistedRealityInterface:
Steve gets ranked on the Daily Bugle’s list as one of the Sexiest Men Alive. Tony is not thrilled about the news.