Tony is a Famous Actor

Tony is a Famous Actor

Hey! I just wanted to say that this blog is the fandom’s greatest treasure…. Also, do you know any fics where Tony is a famous actor?

Just a couple, but here you go:

Assist me by snarkstark: Maybe when the blonde haired dreamer had packed up his
shit and told his Ma he was leaving Brooklyn to make his fame in
Hollywood, he hadn’t exactly pictured himself fetching coffee and
embarrassing himself, but he was on the set of the most highly
anticipated film of the entire year, and personal assistant to one of
the biggest names in Hollywood.Tony Stark.

Behind These Castle Walls by little_angry_kitten18:
There’s a moment of silence before both of them burst into laugher. And that’s how Tony Starks barges into Steve Roger’s life.

The Script by Tav:
Tony Stark is the hottest young star in Hollywood. All the girls want
him; all the guys want to be him. When he decides to take on a career
changing role as the leading gay guy in a Marvel Productions film, he
has no idea just how much his life will change too. New-comer, Steve
Rogers, his co-star makes ‘acting’ gay a lot easier for Tony on set and
‘being’ straight a lot harder off.

How Steve Rogers Meets His Fans, Uses Social Media and Goes on a Date by context_please:
Steve Rogers loves going to conventions until he meets Tony Stark.

A Fool’s Name for Fate (WIP) by @elise509: It’s 1949. Hollywood’s system of powerful studios and
contract stars is fading fast as a new decade looms. Tony Stark thinks
he’s just the type of forward-thinking, madcap genius that can solve the
dream factory’s woes, and maybe he can. If not for a certain distraction named Steve Rogers, the golden boy
who should clearly be twenty-feet high on the silver screen yet seems
determined to stay hidden behind the scenes. Tony’s used to getting what
he wants, but now he’s not sure what that is. Or rather, who that is. (Tony is a director, not an actor, but such a great fic!)