Tony & the Bots

Tony & the Bots

Oh my gosh this is glorious, do I have enough time in my life to read all these? Watch me. That said, I recently have been yearning for stories where Tony refers to himself as the bots’ dad. Would you have recs for that?

I’m not sure I specifically remember one like that, though I think I’ve seen fics repeat the “Daddy’s home” line.  Maybe others will have suggestions?  However, here are some suggestions for Tony & his ‘bots fics, which I’ve been wanting to do, so I’m going to use your ask to do it!


Why Tony loves his bots by faabyy21:
By orithil: Dum-e and Jarvis are like family to Tony. Steve, as a child
of a non computerized time just DOESN’T understand. Let Tony explain him
a thing. Fluff is welcome. Bonus points if you tag me in it so I can
find it really quickly.

Discovery by nanuk_dain:
Tony stumbles across DUM-E’s Special Memories Collection by total chance. It’s quite the discovery.

Upgrade by ashinan:
Steve stays the entire time Dummy is being upgraded, distracting the
robot with his fingers and random tools he can reach when Dummy isn’t
clinging to his shirt.

Harmony by ashinan:
Tony won’t admit that he’s jealous when Dummy and You circle around
Steve like eager puppies. He just has a strange heart condition.

Being a Guide in the 21st Century by AngeNoir: Steve is the only one in the tower. Maybe that’s why
JARVIS called on him for help. Steve’s also the only Guide on the team –
maybe that’s why JARVIS called on him for help.Or maybe JARVIS is a devious matchmaker. Who knows?

Intentions by juxtapose:
It’s no secret Tony talks to his robots. Steve’s just never actually seen this phenomenon in action before. Until now.

Donate by aspacewaster: Written for this prompt on AvengerKink: Tony’s been
trying to ‘donate’ DUM-E for the last five months – donate him right to
the scrap heap – but somehow, every time he puts the defunct robot out,
he ends up right back in the lab.As it turns out, Steve has developed a soft spot for DUM-E, and has
made it his latest mission to save the robot from the junkyard. Basically, I just want frustrated and confused Tony, and DUM-E hero worshipping Steve XD

Run Program: {x} (series) by @everybodyilovedies:
Taking care of Tony is a lot of work. Especially when you’ve only got one arm. And your code dates back to the 1980s.

DUM-E by thevalesofanduin:
Steve just loves Wall-E. For multiple reasons, not just because it’s cute.

Sweet Return by awildlokiappears:
Just a little botfic with feels and happy things.

Baby Robots Save Lives by Saiya_tina: Inspired by Ironfries’ art of Baby, who is sort of like Dummy and You’s younger brother.Baby is the new addition to the Stark Robot Family and continues the tradition of saving Tony’s butt.

Degrees of Separation by plingo_kat:
Oh god, what if Jarvis infected Dummy with, with emotions. Jesus Christ.

Tag, You’re It by Jiru_Ji: Tony has a guilty little pleasure no one’s supposed to know about. He loves to play tag with his bots.Steve finds this out and can’t help but watch whenever they do.

Tony and his bots verse (series) by straight_as_a_curly_fry:
Steve and Tony are dating, and the bots decide that Steve needs the shovel talk.

Dummy’s First Christmas by copperbadge:
Weird and comfortable aren’t mutually exclusive; Steve Rogers is going to do exactly what he wants this Christmas.

Kicking Puppies by sojukitty:
After their confrontation on the Helicarrier, Steve goes to Tony’s
workshop to to give him a piece of his mind. He was not prepared for
Dummy… or how Tony behaves when concerning the robot.

Can You Feel My Heart Again? by IndigoNight:
Tony has a nightmare and over reacts. The bots worry. And Steve is very stubborn.

Tales of the Bots (series) by @scifigrl47: When Tony Stark was seventeen years old, he built his first AI.
On that day, he ceased to be his father’s creation, and became a
creating force in his own right.That one act likely saved his life, and not always in the most obvious ways.

Sparky, the Avengers’ Robodog (aka Doom Should Take Better Care of His Things) by love_in_the_stars:
After a routine battle with Doom, Tony stumbles across one of his
damaged and abandoned Doom Dogs. True to Stark impulsiveness, Tony
gathers its wounded pieces and takes it home to rebuild.