Fairy-Tale Style and Elements

Fairy-Tale Style and Elements

Do you have any recs with fairytale elements? Not necessarily fairytale AUs but just fairytale-like writing. Thanks!

Hmmm…let’s see…I don’t know a whole lot like that, but here are some ideas for you.  I think the first few on the list are probably the best examples of being told in a fairy tale style, but the others have those elements, too, so maybe you and others will give them a try.  Lots of great options thanks to Fairy Tale Bingo over on Cap-Ironman!


how do I walk this earth by Eloony:
In a land without magic, where people denied all that was weird, and the
mysterious was quickly conquered by science, there lived a sad man.
That land had machines that could fly and liquids that granted healing,
but still, there was no magic on the land, and the people of that land
praised other people for creating all the things that they used. The sad
man was one of those who created things.

Snow and Metal by snowynight:
Once upon a time, a young man is abducted to a faerie realm. When he
nearly forgets every thing he has been, he meets someone who makes him
start to remember, and more daringly, to hope.

Dragonsbane by dionysus_bound:
To save his kingdom from a rampaging dragon, Tony and his team will
search out a fabled source of powerful dragonsbane. Unfortunately, the
stories forgot to mention it wasn’t a plant they were searching but a
man. A man who’d been asleep for centuries, waiting for true love’s

70 Years is an Awfully Long Time to Sleep by @avidreader6:
Once Upon a Time
There was a sleeping prince in a tower.
And there was another prince sent out a quest for glory.
What happens when one prince finds another?

A Soul for Him by @wisiaden:
They say an immortal soul is key, and Steve will do anything to get one
for Bucky. Except, Tony isn’t what Steve thought he’ll be.

East of the Sun, West of the Moon by masterofmidgets:
The magician who lives east of the sun and west of the moon has taken Tony, and Steve will have him back.

The Knight and the Tower by valtyr:
The brave knight Sir Steven attempts to rescue a damsel in distress. Nothing goes according to plan.

Five Impossible Things by thistlethorns: It starts with an offer of marriage. Specifically,
brave knight Steven has been sent to ask a fairy’s hand in marriage on
behalf of his king. Said fairy does not like this.

True and Destined King by @kagekanecavi:
Once upon a time an evil sorcerer took control of a peaceful and
prosperous kingdom. Five years later, King Anthony is still waiting for
his true love to release him from the spell trapping him and preventing
him from retaking his kingdom and Steve is a soldier turned farmer,
oblivious to just how important he is to the fate of his kingdom.

The Iron Beast by kijikun:
Once upon a time, in a tale much like the ones you’ve heard before,
there was a merchant, named Joseph. The widower had three sons, all with
hair of gold.

My Heart Belongs to Another by @veldeia: Long ago, young, drunk and desperate, Tony made a deal
with a fairy tale creature: his heart for someone else’s life. When said
creature shows up to collect his prize years later, things turn out
more complicated than either of them expects, and unless Tony’s true
love can find the arc reactor that’s now his heart, he won’t have long
to live.Crossover with Once Upon a Time, but can be read without any knowledge of the show.

The Tinder Box by braindelete:
A/N: Hans Christian Anderson’s The Tinder Box and the Scandinavian folk
tale The Spirit in the Candle are essentially the same tale but with a
minor difference. I took an element from the Spirit version and combined
it with the Tinder Box version.

The Swan Prince by MarvelousMenagerie: Tony was only looking to have a small swim. He didn’t
anticipate being surrounded by a bevy of swans, or that his protector
would be another, much larger swan who brings Tony gifts of fish. But what swan has blue eyes?

The WInter King by MarvelousMenagerie: Tony has more than one reason to be out wandering late at night in the middle of winter.“What brings such a stubborn creature as you out into the woods tonight?”
grins wider, now that his face can move again. “My stepfather has
chosen me as an offering to the Winter King.” Or to die, really, because
Obadiah did not believe in the old gods.
Tony believed. He had seen them.

Of Man by shinkonokokoro:
Offered the opportunity to win his heart, Tony gladly exiles himself to
land in order to convince Steve to love him. But without a voice, he
cannot win him save for through his actions. He has two weeks. Or else
he’s foam on the waves.

Anthony and the Firebird Armor by adarksweetness: One day, two friends stumbled upon a golden mask half buried in the dirt. “Leave it, Steve,” Sam advised. “I sense misfortune if we take it with us.”

Snow Red, White and Blue by @sarahhbe
:  For the Cap-Ironman Fairy Tale Bingo I present Enchantress shenanigans
resulting in the Avengers playing out Snow White.  Special appearance of
Steve Rogers in a dress.

Prince Lindworm by @sarahhbe: Based on the Old Norse folk tale, Prince Lindworm, this is a re-imagining of the story for the Cap/Iron Man Fairy Tale Bingo.Unable to have a child, a queen takes the advice of a strange man.
But by not heeding his warning she has twins – a beautiful baby boy and a
horrible lindworm.  Years later, when the prince goes off to find a
wife his attempts to leave the kingdom are thwarted by the lindworm,
who, as the oldest, demands a bride before his younger brother.

Tony’s Grand Adventures by jemionis travels:
For the cap_ironman fairy tale bingo square. Thumblina. Tony’s parents
want a child and go to a witch who gives them a magic seed, from which
Tony is born. When Tony grows up, he wants to go on an adventure. Along
the way he makes new friends and falls in love.

The Prince & the Frog by @wordsplat:
Steve pisses off Loki and gets turned into a frog for his trouble. Tony may have a solution.

Arabian Avengers by @wordsplat:
An Aladdin/The Avengers crossover, starring Tony as a quick-thinking
street rat with a pet monkey named Dummy and a price on his head, Prince
Steve as King Nick Fury’s ward who’s engaged to Princess Peggy against
both of their wishes, and Bruce as a thousand year old genie who really
thinks Tony needs to get his act together already and just kiss the
girl-er, guy.

The Little Glass Screwdriver by @stark-spangled-lovers: When Prince Steven is forced to find himself a bride,
true love gets in the way. As the night of the grand ball unfolds, the
prince meets a mysterious knight who might just change his entire life
in a way he could have never imagined.**Cinderella AU**