Identity Porn where Steve Loves Tony but Hates Iron Man or Hates Iron Man and Loves Tony

Identity Porn where Steve Loves Tony but Hates Iron Man or Hates Iron Man and Loves Tony

hey sabre! how are you? i was wondering if you knew any identity porn fics where steve hates iron man or tony but is in love with his counterpart?

I love all varieties of Identity Porn, but this is a particularly delicious trope. There aren’t many where Steve really hates Tony or IM, but there are some where he isn’t a huge fan, let’s say.  The Not Really a Villain Tony recs have some where Steve thinks Tony or IM is a bad guy, so check those out. Here are some other suggestions for you!


Sucker Punch by @sineala:
Steve never quite warms to Tony Stark, Avengers benefactor. The Molecule
Man never strips Iron Man out of his armor. Life goes on for the
Avengers, but as disagreements split the team – and Shellhead and
Winghead – again and again, Steve wonders why Iron Man always picks
Tony over him. And when Steve finds out, it happens in the worst way

Intrepid Hearts by @captainneverever:
Tony hangs around the mansion more after Steve is seriously hurt in an
explosion caused by Iron Man. Steve likes Tony but doesn’t know why Tony
is upset all the time. Maybe Iron Man is the problem.

Reputation by copperbadge:
Steve thinks Iron Man is trading sexual favors to Tony Stark for perks
for the Avengers, and he’s determined to protect his teammate.

At the Heart of the Matter by Pookaseraph:
Tony didn’t mean to become Steve’s BFF and the greatest thorn in his
side at the same time, it just sort of happened. In a world where Tony
Stark didn’t come out as Iron Man, he has managed to keep his identity a
closely guarded secret, even from many of his teammates… the only
problem is Steve Rogers seems to be falling for Iron Man, and he doesn’t
much care for Tony Stark.