Coffee Shop AUs

Coffee Shop AUs

I absolutely LOVE your fic recs and would like to thank you for the amazing work.I was also thinking if you could recommend me some good coffee AU fics. Thank you!!(*´▽`*)

Glad you are enjoying the recs! Thank you!

Coffee shop AUs are like that fandom staple, aren’t they? Seeing as how Tony sort of lends himself to the idea of coffee, we definitely have some good ones in Stony.  Here are some suggestions:


With You Around by @pensversusswords: “I’d like to know you.” Tony works in a coffee
shop where Steve spends a lot of his time, because it’s the perfect
place to draw. Then, he starts to talk to Tony, and he finds himself
coming in for a different reason.

Coffee Shop Love by @inukagome15:
Tony Stark did not like coffee shops, but he could make an exception for
the one with the cute barista who had smiles that were to die for. If
only Steve wasn’t so unattainable…

As the Crow Flies by theimmortalliz: Steve Rogers, man out of time, takes his brand-new
laptop to a coffee shop where a dark and mysterious stranger offers his
technical expertise… (more notes inside)Written for the MCU Harlequin Challenge.

Brooklyn Boys’ Bagels (The Berry Wonderful Remix) by FluffyPanda @ayapandagirl:
Someone visits Steve’s bagel shop after it’s closed for the night. (Bagel Shop AU)

Buy Some Time by sirdefnesaur:
Alternative version of the Steve Rogers deleted scene. Steve is sitting
at a coffee shop, drawing Stark Tower, when Stark himself shows up.

Coffee by romanoff: Coffee shop AU that’s not an AU.In which Clint
works behind the counter, Tony is a regular and Steve is the new guy who
only goes in for one cup but can’t stop coming back for the coffee. He
says it’s the coffee. Spoiler alert: It’s not. It’s Tony.“Why do you come here?”Tony thinks.“It’s
small. Tucked away. No one notices it. I like that,” he smiles, laughs a
little “I like that it’s kinda just… ignored. You only notice it when
you really need it.”“Like when you need shelter from the rain,” Steve says“Or coffee.” Tony finishes with a smile.“Or coffee.” Steve finishes with a sigh.

Oh, Calamitea by starkerized: “you got stood up on a date at the coffee tea shop I work in here let me get you a drink on the house” auSteve is definitely a tea snob, Tony is astounded by leaf water, and there are communication issues. (Tea Shop AU)

May I Take  Your Order? by aguidetomurder:
Tony Stark is the CEO of Stark Industries. He is more than used to
having people pander to him, but this one barista keeps misspelling his
name in increasingly insulting ways.

Iced Americano by firelord_zutara:
Based on the prompt from tumblr user jonahryan: “I’m a barista and
you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti
macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your
name in increasingly creative ways every day AU”

May This Be Love by lellabeth: Today will be a good day.He’ll nod and he’ll smile and he’ll speak, and his voice won’t shake and his lips won’t tremble.He’ll do well with the customers, he won’t hide behind the sleek chrome of the coffee machine.He’ll
pretend he doesn’t feel rubbed raw, doesn’t feel like a trapped nerve,
doesn’t feel like his skin is too small and he’s about to burst out of
it.Today will be a good day.

Captain Coffee by @captainneverever:
Steve is content managing his own coffee shop and life is full with
friends and neighbors. But an owner of big coffee chain pressures him to
sell and someone from his past reappears. And now Steve needs to fight a
bully, an ex, and himself to get his happy ending.

The Five Times Tony Stark Doesn’t Like Steve’s Coffee by capirony: …and the One Time He Admits to Something He Should Have Admitted to in the BeginningWhen
the billionaire Tony Stark saunters into Steve’s cozy little coffee
shop, he’s determined to make sure the man knows how good of a coffee he
can make. But when Tony acts in a completely different manner to how
Steve had hoped, he takes it as a challenge.Tony Stark will know the wrath of Steve’s perfectly amazing coffee, and Steve will make sure of it.

Whatcha Writing? by DaftPunk DeLorean:
Steve is a starving artist who gets by as an author of erotica and adult
fantasies. Tony is the dashingly handsome owner of the coffee shop
where Steve spends all his time writing, and who also happens to be
Steve’s full-time muse. Steve’s stories involve adventure, romance,
steamy sex, and most importantly, Tony. But writing lusty fantasies
about his muse was one thing; falling helplessly, hopelessly,
head-over-heels in love with him was something entirely different.

Coffee and Company, or Fate by kiminsocks:
Tony ditches his New Year’s party and stops for coffee, makes a friend,
and thinks maybe he wants to take him home, just this once.

Sometimes a Fantasy by @polizwrites: Steve works mornings at a coffeeshop in a downtown NYC
skyscraper.  He’s got a slight crush on one of the customers who stops
by for his daily dose of caffeine. Not that Steve would have a chance
with the genius playboy (straight – SO straight) billionaire
philanthropist, of course. But Steve also moonlights as a phone
sex operator, working for Fury Enterprises.  Anthony, an older guy still
more or less in the closet and just starting to explore his
bisexuality, becomes one of Steve’s steady clients. Along with the
steamy scenarios they play out, they actually get to know one other.
Cue the identity porn with Steve’s two worlds colliding (eventually)

Caffeine, Otherwise Known As the Key To Tony Stark’s Heart by sol-nox:
A new coffee shop opens across the street from Stark Tower. Steve is the
hot, sweet and predictably clueless owner. Tony tries to do what he
does best.

We Found Love in a Coffeeshop (AKA Natasha Ships Stony) by middle_earthling:
Steve works the graveyard shift in a small 24 hour café  to put himself
through art school, and Tony is the guy who comes in every night and
orders extravagant amounts of coffee, and may or may not be Steve’s
secret crush.

percolating by Zekkass:
Steve’s a barista working at Hawkeye’s, the world’s tackiest bird-themed
cafe. Tony’s the vigilante who crash landed on the  pavement outside.
It’s not love at first sight, but it’s pretty close.

Collision Course (Or How Tony Almost Broke His Nose) by StonyAvengerGirl16:
On a block in NYC there are two shops. A neat little coffee shop sits on
the left, while a chaotic but popular bookstore sits on the right. The
owners are both head over heels for each other, but are adamant they
will not talk to the other. They unknowingly frequent each other’s shops
during their respective lunches, and one day a simple decision by both
leads to a fated collision. Just not in the way they both imagined. Cue
complete and utter cuteness, and their friends don’t know which is

Captain Americano by XinRui:
‘You’re really short and cute and you buy a cup of black coffee every
morning but you make weird faces as you sip it and you never finish your
drink are you trying to look mature or something’ AU

10:32 by EmBug:
Clint gets a job at a coffee shop that Steve owns. This guy Tony keeps
coming in acting all flirty with Steve. Clint demands to know what’s
going on.

Cap’s Coffee by CharlieBradbury: Tony Stark’s gotten maybe three hours of sleep in as
many days.  So when the stunning blond muscle-head behind the counter
gives him some lip for his rude behavior, he swears he’ll blacklist that
hokey cafe and put him out of business.Then he tastes his latte,
and falls in love.  And comes back to badger the gorgeous barista into
paying attention to him.  Poor Steve just wants Tony to stop flirting
outrageously with him in front of the customers, that can’t be good for
business, no matter what Natasha says.And then Loki shows up and makes everything terrible, per usual.

Never Insult Your Barista by Heartithateyou:
Tony grabs the wrong drink at a coffee shop and meets someone who’s
ridiculously handsome and has ridiculously bad taste in coffee.

Your Barista Is… by PaxieAmor:
Steve Rogers walks into a coffee shop. It’s nothing that he expects, but everything he needs.

Conventional Coffee Romances by allthingsavenger:
A coffee shop AU in which Tony works in the local coffee shop living off
caffeine and sharing the love. Steve enters to a confronting chalkboard
sign which claims that the barista is ‘gay’ and ‘desperately single’.
Then he meets Tony and Tony has nice eyes.

Medium Mocha, No Whip by @imafriendlydalek: Two people meet in a coffee shop.A meet-cute told four ways.

A Typical Afternoon at Cuppa Joes by shrill_fangirl_screaming:
Tony is a barista. Steve likes coffee. Their friends just want to shove their faces together already.

Rogers’ Cafe by orphan_account:
Tony walked in, and briefly considered walking out again. The source of
the voice wasn’t just a hot blond worker, it was a six-foot,
all-american, beefcake of a hot blond worker, who was staring right at
Tony. Tony in all of his ratty, funky-smelling, unshaven, and sleep
deprived glory.

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