Camping & Wilderness Survival

Camping & Wilderness Survival

Hey there! How about some fics where our favourite team of avenging super heroes goes out on holiday? Horror stories around a fire at a camping trip? Sun burning at the beach? Something like that 🙂

I’ve done Holiday/Vacation Romance recs and Horror AUs, but I like your suggestion of camping fics.  Haven’t done that yet, so grab your tent and s’more fixings, because it is time for some wilderness funtimes and some not so fun times in the wilderness that we’ll call wilderness survival fics.  Enjoy!


Off Grid by Letterblade:
Steve and Tony go camping, bears are the greatest threat facing America, and tick tweezers are the best invention of the decade.

I Search Myself (I Want You to Find Me) by @tisfan:
[NSFW] 5 times Steve jerked off to Tony while out in the wilderness + 1 time he jerked off on Tony

Northwest to Nowhere by @veldeia:
Steve and Tony are lost in the wilderness, with barely any gear but
plenty of midges and a magnificent midnight sun—and only each other for

Tony Stark Isn’t an Outdoors Man by Heartithateyou: The Avengers decide to go camping and Steve ends up having to share a tent with the one man he can’t stop thinking about.He is so, so screwed.

Tented by @festiveferret: “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Tony grumbled for the nine millionth time.Steve grinned at him and tossed the tent bag on a nice, flat-looking spot. “You’re going to love it.” (Part of Held series)

amid the leaves of grass by Siria:
In which Steve and Tony brave the wilderness.

the first to go by irishmizzy:
It was sad when the great ship went down or: Fury gets fed up and sends the Avengers on a corporate retreat.

Lost With You (Might Be All I Need) by @stark-spangled-lovers:
Tony and Steve fall through a portal just after defeating Thanos and his
army. Stranded in another dimension, the two have to finally face what
happened—and what could have been.

A Second of Totality by @stark-spangled-lovers: {TO•TAL•ITY | The moment when the light from the eclipsed sun is totally obscured}Tony
Stark is a lot of things: Sixteen. High school graduate. Child prodigy.
Obsessed with solar eclipses. And also hopelessly in love with his
ex-best friend Steve Rogers. At the end of high school, life sucks in a
not very sexy way, and there’s only one thing Tony’s looking forward to:
a road trip to witness the first solar eclipse on American mainland in
four decades. Over a week of world-stopping kisses and holes in the sky,
Tony finally gets a chance to tell Steve how he really feels. But can
the one short week end in anything but goodbye?

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