Musician Tony

Musician Tony

Sorry to bother you again but. Fics where tony plays an instrument he learnt when he was young? (Or a dance, im not picky.)

I do know a few musician!Tony fics.  I love the idea of him playing piano, so most of them involve that trope. There are some dancer recs here.  Enjoy!


A New Nice by PunkTart: “What the hell is that doing in my building?””It’s called a piano Tony.“Tony is having a hard time opening up to Steve as per usual, but this
time, with some self contemplation and a grand instrument, he’s pushed
towards the better path.

Midnight by starkravingcap:
Steve finds him in the open expanse of the living room, sitting behind
the white grand piano by the bar. He is wearing a tattered pair of
sweatpants and a shirt with a circle cut out of it, a little opening
from which the arc reactor peeks out.

Midnight (Redux) by starkravingcap: Steve doesn’t realize Tony plays the piano until he’s standing in the common room watching his fingers ghost across the keys. Or; Steve’s been having nightmares, and Tony can’t remember.

Tesseract (Suite for Piano, Winds and Strings) by @veldeia: Nick Fury, conductor and artistic director of a major
music festival, brings together an unusual ensemble of talented
musicians headed by the violin virtuoso Steve Rogers and the world-class
piano soloist Tony Stark, to tackle a challenging work by a
little-known Norwegian composer. (A non-powered AU with the Avengers as a
chamber music ensemble.)Fill for my bingo prompt “writing format: omniscient narrator”.

A Song in My Heart by kellebelle:
When Tony Stark was four he became a piano prodigy. At 17 he is world
renowned, but he tries to maintain a separate identity when he joins a
band called The Avengers. Steve is in a band known as The Howling

River by Jessia:
Steve discovers a surprise talent of Tony’s. This is relevant to his interests.

The Piano in the Corner by shudhavbinjamie:  “That’s good, little duck. One more time.”Tiny clumsy fingers hit on keys. The tune is not perfect – it’s playful, it’s pure.

Piano by Talayse:
Tony Stark owns a piano, Steve’s never seen him play it.

Reconnection by Penumbren:

Sometimes it’s the quiet moments that a friendship needs the most. (thanks to @caped-ace for the suggestion!)

Lost in a Sigh by orphan_account:

When Steve Rogers left the Army, he swapped his captain’s bars for an NYPD detective’s badge. A chance meeting in the early months of 1947 brings back some old memories, as well as new opportunities. (thanks to @arukou-arukou for the rec!)

Augmented Fifth by @arukou-arukou:

The Pepper Pot has a new singer, and he and Tony have instant chemistry. Too bad that chemistry disappears a little on stage.