Pushover Steve

Pushover Steve

So, recently someone asked for ‘whipped Steve’, and you went with the literal version! How about the other way around? Any fic recs with a Steve who is a bit of a pushover if Tony bats his eyelashes? Thanks so much for running such an excellent recs list!

Hmmm…well, he is kind of that way in Celestial Navigation, isn’t he?  LOL, let me see if I can dig up a few other suggestions for you. Sadly, it was easier for me to think of fics that fit the literal definition!


Save Me by FallenStar92:
Not_enough_furytony13 said: “Can u please write a fanfic where Steve is a
big, notorious mafia boss that everyone except his group (who really
knows he’s a real softie) is afraid of and is really big playboy and
stuff? After he meets tony (who is on the run from obidiah stane’s mafia
that he inherited from Howard after tony said he didn’t want it) the
whole group loves him and is super protective of him and Steve
eventually falls in love with him and the group defeats obidiah with
tony making the kill shot as revenge for all of the pain and hurt
obidiah caused him throughout his youth and Adult life. Also thank you
for writing all those prompts for me I loved them they were

Possess by romanoff: Tony and Steve take a night for themselves to just relax. It goes exactly as planned, and then some. (If anyone asks, Steve is absolutely not a sucker for blissed out Tony. Absolutely not.)

Cardamom is the perfect spice by lotesse:
Stark – Tony – looks over at him and smiles, and there’s something so
sweet in that smile that Steve feels sucker-punched, feels like he can’t
breathe, he can’t think, because who knew that Tony Stark could smile
like that, open and amused and affectionate? “Yeah?” Tony says, teasing,
and Natasha cuffs the back of his head.

Sickness, and This Time It Really Is Clint’s Fault by BobhasRainbowVeins: In response to the prompt: “Tony got sick from the snow
and Steve being the bundle of love that he is, does everything Tony
wants while he’s sick”Or, when Tony is sick and stuck in
bed, but lucky for him, he’s got an incredibly hot manservant-boyfriend
to make sure his needs are met.

I Am a Responsible Adult So I Brought Home a Lost Kitten by YourSaltness_and_TheMemeQueen:
He looks at Steve again, who seems a bit nervous and is obviously hiding
something between his arms, he walks towards the blond man who looks
Tony in the eye and changes an expression of one of determination as he
starts to lift whatever it is he’s hiding in his arms, Tony just hopes
it isn’t a broken toaster or Bucky’s hand (again, which had been due to a
stupid stunt Clint had dared Bucky to and which the dumb man had done
despite Sam’s warnings).
“I am a responsible adult” Tony raises an eyebrow “so I brought home a lost kitten.”

The Author Named This But the Title Was Dumb by TenSpencerReidPlease: They had talked about kids, sure, but he didn’t expect
Tony to come home one day and inform him they were now parents with a
fucking teen in tow. He loved Tony, he really did, but days like that
one made him want to strangle the guy. “Oh come on, his uncle Ben got
shot, and his aunt May died in a freak accident, it was sad,” he says,
giving Steve puppy dog eyes. Steve had never been able to resist that
face so he had relented.AU where Steve/ Tony adopt teenage Peter and disapprove of him dating Wade Wilson.

Do Not Steal Steve’s Fricken Pencils (Or Poke Tony’s Bottom With Your Ruler) by greymantledlady: Tony glances shyly at Steve through his eyelashes.
Steve’s looking back at him, steady and curious. His eyes are blue, like
the sky, and he doesn’t look shy at all.‘I’m Steve,’ he says. ‘You should sit here.’ Then he goes back to carefully organising his pencils. He has lots of colours.Or: The Avengers start school together and it goes about as smoothly as you’d expect.

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